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How to improve your productivity using your phone

Greetings dear readers, in this opportunity we will show you how to improve your productivity using your phone. We will use an app called Taskito, this app is a timeline-based task manager that will help you to better organize your day. It also comes with several amazing features that we will be telling you about.

With the Taskito app, you can create Repeating Reminders, complete projects, notes, and tasks.

Taskito also includes a calendar. This is a very useful feature since in this type of apps you know how you have organized the month and each of the events you will have to attend is of vital importance.

Improving your productivity with Taskito

You must have Taskito installed, you can install it by following this link from the Google Play Store

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Google Play Store| Taskito

First step

Open the app and you will see the timeline-based interface. Select the day you want to plan. Then press the + button. First, you will add a Repeating reminder.

Then add a title and a description. After that select a Repeating mode (this can be daily, weekly or monthly). Finally check the last 2 options, to create a complete task once completed and display the reminder on the timeline. To finish press the blue check button.

creating repeating reminders improve
creating repeating reminders

This feature is very useful as it will allow you to create a reminder for those things that you easily forget but want to do every day.

Second step

Creating a project. To create a project in the main screen press the + button. Then press Plan/Idea.

You will see the screen to create a plan, click on the Demo Project option. After that enter a name for your new project and press the + button.

Now you can create several plans that will be added to your project.

To create a plan add a title. You can also add a description. Then add a due date. Finally, you can create a checklist. To finish press the blue check button.

creating a plan
creating a plan

This option is very useful because you can create different plans for the week or even the month.

Final result

I recommend that you review the following example below.

final result
final result


Taskito is one of those tools that we only see once a year. It’s amazing how well designed it is. The multiple features will allow you to improve your productivity by planning more efficiently every day.

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