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How to improve your Android virtual keyboard

Hello friends, in Google’s mobile operating system, you can find a variety of customization options, among them is the virtual keyboard. Normally most users use the Google keyboard. A very complete keyboard that has long been on the market and brings a good number of options. But precisely if you want to give a little fresh air to your phone, you can try alternatives like TypeWise, a virtual keyboard with an innovative design. Each of the keys has a hexagonal shape, similar to a honeycomb. According to the developers, you can type 33% faster. In addition, the keys are 70% larger. This translates into far fewer typing errors. That’s why in this post we will show you how to improve your Android virtual keyboard by following the steps below.

First step

Download and install TypeWise by following the link below:

Google Play | Typewise Custom Keyboard – Big Keys, Emoji & Fonts

Second step

Then open the app and press the “activate TypeWise” button. You will be redirected to the settings, then enable TypeWise.

press the "activate TypeWise" button improve your
press the “activate TypeWise” button
then enable TypeWise improve your
then enable TypeWise

Third step

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After that, choose TypeWise as an input method.

choose input method improve your
choose input method

Fourth step

Then you will see the initial screen, press “Start Now” to continue.

press "Start Now" to continue
press “Start Now” to continue

Fifth step

Then go through the short tutorial to understand how the keyboard works. Then choose your layout and click “I’m ready“, finally choose your language and click “Continue“. And that’s it, you can now enjoy your new keyboard.

space keys
space keys
Quickly Swipe up
Quickly Swipe up, improve your Android virtual keyboard!
choose your layout and click "I'm ready"
choose your layout and click “I’m ready”
choose your language and click "Continue"
choose your language and click “Continue”


TypeWise is a high-quality virtual keyboard, with different gestures that will help you to be more agile when typing. With a design that completely changes the user experience. It is also a more secure keyboard than usual, as it has a 100% offline mode and does not ask for suspicious permissions. So you can be sure that your data will not be compromised, remember that at the beginning you may need some time to get used to it. Thanks for reading. Bye!

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