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How to easily connect DualSense (PS5 Controller) to your Android phone

Greetings friends! When you want to squeeze the maximum performance out of your Android phone. The most obvious choice is to run games that require a lot of resources. This depends on how good your hardware is, it’s vital if you want to test several high-caliber titles. The screen is usually one of these fundamental components for interacting with games. But when you connect a peripheral such as a controller, the gaming experience is enhanced. And it becomes more like playing with a portable or desktop console. One of the advantages of having a next-generation console is that the controller can be used on other devices such as your Android phone or PC. In the case of smartphones thanks to Bluetooth technology and other methods it is feasible to connect them easily. In this post, we will teach you how to easily connect DualSense (PS5 Controller) to your Android phone.

DualSense is a high-performance Gamepad

After the last generation known as DualShock. It was necessary to bring an improved version that included all the advantages of the previous generation without being such a drastic change. This new generation of Sony gamepads is known as DualSense. One of its positive features is that it is compatible with other devices thanks to Bluetooth technology. With which it will connect in a few seconds. This gamepad you are going to take advantage of it in any game. Especially in the well-known Battle Royale genre. Which usually have a large player base, both on consoles and Android phones.

How to easily connect the PS5 controller to your Android phone

How to connect the PS5 controller to your Android phone will prove to be a simple task. If you connect it successfully you will be able to use the controller whenever you want. In many of the games available on the Google Play store. Linking the controller takes less than a minute. Thanks to the touchpad that has the control you can also use it as if it were a mouse. To navigate through the different menus of your device. You can also use the joysticks and the crosshead to navigate through the interface.

To connect the PS5 controller to Android, perform the following steps:

First step

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Turn on Bluetooth on your Android phone and search for new devices. You can usually turn it on from your device’s settings or control center.


Second step

Then from the PS5 controller press the “Capture” button located on the top left and then the “Home” power button. Press both buttons at the same time.

PS5 controller
PS5 controller

Third step

After that, the PS5 controller will start flashing in a blue tone. Then the pairing mode will be activated.

How to easily connect DualSense (PS5 Controller) to your Android phone
How to easily connect DualSense (PS5 Controller) to your Android phone

Fourth step

Next, go back to the phone and in the Bluetooth device search, the name “Wireless Controller” will appear. Now tap on this to start pairing.

Wireless Controller easily connect DualSense (PS5
Wireless Controller

Once the process is complete, you can start using the controller on the Android phone or tablet by simply launching a game. As long as the game is compatible.


The DualSene is an interesting option when it comes to choosing a gamepad to play your favorite titles on your Android device. Since many usually have support for both this and the Xbox controller. It can also be useful when you are going to use emulators. You will find it much more comfortable than playing with the touch buttons. It will also give you an advantage in competitive multiplayer games. Like Fortnite which is compatible and works just like the PC version. Thanks for reading us. bye!

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