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How to format an SD card using your Android phone

Greetings Friends! Something common in Android phones is that over time, the internal memory is running out. Due to the large number of files that are stored. Having to find a solution to have extra storage. One way to do this is to have an SD card. Which can be obtained today for very little money. In this post, we will show you how to format an SD card using your Android phone. With any Android device, you will be able to do this in a few easy steps. Formatting will guarantee you good use of the SD card. Usually ranging from 4GB up to 2TB of capacity. Depending on the brand and model guarantees more space.

How to insert the SD card into the phone

Before we start, the first thing to do is to insert the SD card into the phone. Specifically in the slot, which usually comes on one of the sides. You will need a tool similar to a small needle to open it. It is recommended that you use the one that came with the phone.

To insert the SD card into your device, follow the steps below:

  • Look for the tool that comes with the phone, it usually has a thin part and the other a little longer.
  • Then insert the thin tip into the slot shown, where the SIM card comes, and pull out the entire tray.
  • After that, in one of the slots put the SD card, it is usually marked with the name. Then insert the tray back into the device.
  • After inserting the SD card you will be able to view it in the settings by going to storage. Here you can access it, and even move files from the internal storage to the SD card you have added, freeing up space in a quick way.
How to insert the SD card into the phone
How to insert the SD card into the phone

How to format an SD card using your Android phone

The standard way to format an SD card from your Android phone is merely simple. You can do it without any app. From the device settings, the method is the same on most devices. Besides it is common for the system to ask you to format the card before using it. You should also take into account that the process is automatic and does not let you modify parameters. As, for example, in Windows it is possible to choose between Fat32 and NFTS format among others.

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If you want to format the SD card from your phone, perform the following steps:

First step

To begin with, make sure that the card is inserted. You should take into account that, if you have files stored on it, formatting it will erase everything and leave nothing behind.

Second step

Then go to “Settings”, and tap the nut icon to display a wide range of options.


Third step

After that, go to the “Storage” section. It’s on the top position, tap on the option that says “SD Card”.


Fourth step

Next, swipe down and tap on the option “Format SD card”.

Format SD card
Format SD card

Fifth step

Finally, tap again on the “Format SD card” button to confirm the action. And that’s it, you have successfully formatted your SD card.

Format SD card
Format SD card


In this post, we gave the standard method for formatting an SD card using an Android phone. As well as a basic guide on how to insert an SD card. Which can be quite useful for those new users. Since the SD card slot is hidden in the SIM card tray. Some phones have their dedicated slot and others are hybrid. One way or another it is important to do the installation step by step for proper operation. We also recommend that you avoid cards that are very cheap and of dubious quality, as they may cause your device to fail. Thanks for reading us. Goodbye!

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