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How to customize the on-screen gestures of any Android

Greetings friends! The Android mobile operating system has improved significantly over the years. This is also due in part thanks to manufacturers and their varied and interesting customization layers. Which are customized versions of Google’s mobile operating system. These customized versions have implemented features. A clear example is the gesture system. These systems are usually similar, although there are differences depending on the manufacturer. For example, reaching a shortcut with just a light touch on the screen. In this post, we will show you how to customize the on-screen gestures of any Android. It will also help you to add the gesture system if your device does not include it. You will even be able to improve them if it already has them. This is one thing you can do on devices from brands like (Huawei, Samsung, Honor, Xiaomi, among others).

Gestures are a quick way to navigate the system

Because over time the old navigation bar has been eliminated. Many brands have opted to make their phones work with a full-screen gesture system. With the one that slides back from one of the edges of the screen, you can go back. The other gesture would be swiping from the bottom edge of the screen to go to the home screen. This is one of the many gestures included that you can make use of. The configuration is up to you. It depends on your imagination and how much you want to customize your device. It will also depend on how intensively you use your phone. Something that today is normal seeing the many things you can do with it.

Customize gestures with Full-Screen Gestures

If you are looking for a tool that allows you to customize your gestures. You should give Full-Screen Gestures a try. Besides, it will allow you to include several gestures that can be interesting in your day-to-day life.
It has a good amount of options. To get the most out of the Full-Screen Gestures app. With this tutorial you will see below you can configure any gesture. At least several of those you have available.

To customize the gestures with Full-Screen Gestures, follow these steps:

First step

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Download and install the application from Google Play by following the link below:

Google Play | Full-Screen Gestures

Full-Screen Gestures
Full-Screen Gestures

Second step

Then open the app and you will notice that you must grant some permissions to continue.

How to customize the on-screen gestures of any Android
How to customize the on-screen gestures of any Android

Third step

After that, tap the “Appear on top” permission and you will be redirected to the “Display over other apps” settings. Then tap the “Full-Screen Gestures” option and grant it the “Allow display over other apps” permission.

Fourth step

Then go back and tap the “Accessibility service” option. Next, go to “Downloaded apps”. Then grant the “Full-Screen Gestures” permission.

Full-Screen Gestures customize the on-screen gestures
Full-Screen Gestures

Fifth step

Now go back and the application will start normally.

Full-Screen Gestures app customize the on-screen gestures
Full-Screen Gestures app

You can choose which of the gestures are enabled, you can also modify their behavior. You can also pause the gestures when the keyboard appears. Ideal for devices that do not have a gesture system.


The mobile operating system since its inception is known for its extensive customization capabilities. Which is possible without having to modify it too much. In this case, we tested an app that allows us to use a gesture system, with some modest modifications. That usually does not come from the factory and that you can take advantage of to give a touch more people to your device. Thanks for reading us. Bye bye!

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