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How to Download Instagram Data

Instagram is the largest platform for sharing images and videos to the world. Just like Facebook, Twitter or Google+, Instagram is also quite popular. This platform is especially designed for having an easier method of sharing photos, but also supports messages and videos. I bet that you already use Instagram and there are lots of your memory stored there.

Did you know that you can easily download your Instagram data? Like Facebook, Instagram also supports downloading your data as a single zip file. The data includes every single information you published on the platform. That’s why it’s quite assumable that it’ll go up to gigabytes of data, so make sure to keep an eye on your internet usage when you download it.

Let’s get started downloading your entire data.

Preparing the data

  • Go to your Instagram profile.
  • Click on the gear icon.

  • Click on “Privacy and Security”.
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  • Scroll down until you see “Data Download” section. Click on “Request Downoad”.


  • You’ll end up in the process. Click on “Next”.

  • Enter your password for requesting the download.

  • Wait until the download link reaches your email.

What is in the data?

In this downloaded data, you’ll find out this information –

  • Photos
  • Profile information
  • Videos
  • Comments

That’s it! Check out your data and other information that Facebook collects.

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