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How to download files with a download manager.

When downloading a file from the Internet, the web browser is responsible for managing it. Certainly, this is more than enough for eventual downloads. However, if we download files very often, or even download several files at once, we will know that it is not very efficient. Indeed, most browsers are very limited in this respect. This is where download managers come into play. A download manager is an application programmed to easily download any file from the Internet. These applications collect the URL addresses of the websites and are responsible for controlling the downloads. Therefore, it gives users a greater control over downloads. In addition, they provide numerous advanced options, such as parallel downloads, splitting each download into many parts, pause, resume, etc. Options not present in web browsers. Next we will see the Best programs to download files on Windows.

Why a download manager is necessary.

We have already established that web browsers are capable of downloading files from the Internet without complications. So, why would we need another program that does roughly the same thing? The first thing to keep in mind is that Chrome, Firefox and other browsers certainly allow you to download files from the Internet to your PC. However, the way to do it is very basic.

Password managers not only do the same thing as a browser, they do it better. In fact, they usually have better stability systems to avoid outages, they allow you to split each download into several parts (to download them faster). They even allow you to pause downloads and resume paused downloads. Moreover, those that have stopped, without having to start them from scratch. They also tend to be able to download better from hostings. They also allow classifying them by types or folders.

What a good download manager should have

A download manager is a program whose main purpose is to help us have more control over the files we download from the Internet. A download manager is a program whose main purpose is to help us have more control over the files we download from the Internet. For that reason, one of the main characteristics that we must look for in this type of software is that it is a simple and fast program to use. Furthermore, it should not take us a lot of time to navigate between menus. In conclusion, it should help us to have everything under control, even when we download many files at the same time.

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In addition, this type of program should also offer the possibility of accelerating downloads. This is done by dividing the same download into several parts so that all of them are downloaded at the same time. In such a way that the maximum speed is as high as possible. Of course, this depends on the server allowing it.

Another desirable feature is that it should be able to easily download files from all types of servers, even from the most popular hostings. It is also advisable to be able to log in to these servers to access the downloads that are limited. As well as being able to download videos. It also allows you to easily download all types of files, whether they are compressed files or audio files or videos, from the Internet.

Most popular download programs

Nowadays, we can find a great variety of download managers for Windows. Below, we are going to see some of the best download managers that we can find to download files from Windows without using the browser.


One of the most popular applications for downloading files from the Internet is JDownloader. This application is completely free and open source. Moreover, it is written in Java. Consequently, we can use it without any problems on Windows, Linux, and macOS. This download manager is characterized for being one of the most complete that we can find on the net. With it, we can download files from any web. Moreover, through any direct download protocol. It allows adding the links manually, or to capture them alone from the clipboard or the browser (with an extension). But it is also possible to load links through containers.

Its main strength is that it allows you to download multiple files from most download sites, such as Mega. No need to enter captchas. So, that if we reach the limit, the download is automatically paused until it is removed. Consequently, it continues with the download automatically.

Free Download Manager

Some users dislike JDownloader because it is somewhat cumbersome. They also find it complicated to use and configure. In such a case, they turn to other options. One of the favorite alternatives for downloading files is FDM, or Free Download Manager. Free Download Manager is a completely free application for Windows and macOS. It also works as an extension for Google Chrome and Firefox.

This application is characterized by allowing users to download any file from anywhere. It does not matter if it is a direct download from a server, a torrent file, a YouTube video. To accomplish this, simply add the link to the program widget and that’s it. Of course, it can pause and resume downloads. It also provides much more control over them than the download managers of the browsers.

Download Accelerator Plus

This is a classic, of which you will surely have heard. Download Accelerator Plus, also known as DAP, is another popular download application. We are talking about a very complete download manager, a veteran in this sector. This download manager allows you to download several files at once. In addition, it allows you to split downloads into numerous parts so that you can take full advantage of the line speed by downloading the parts simultaneously.

DAP is available in a free and a paid version. The free version has some limitations, while the Premium version allows us to get the most out of this download manager. In addition, the developers of DAP have another tool. Video Accelerator, in fact, allows you to play streaming videos better.

Internet Download Manager

Internet Download Manager, also known as IDM, is for many users the simple and light version of DAP. In fact, it shares many features with it and, in addition, it occupies only 7 MB. Thanks to this program, we will be able to download all kinds of files. Either from the Internet or videos from YouTube and other platforms. In addition, we will also be able to control the downloads. IDM has the preview functions that allow us to preview certain types of files. It also allows you to schedule downloads and even configure it to perform downloads through a VPN anonymously and securely.

The main problem with this download manager is that it is paid. We can use it for free for 30 days. After 30 days, we will have to go through the cashier to purchase a premium license.

Internet Download Accelerator

Internet Download Accelerator is another excellent program to accelerate and control Internet file downloads. This software allows you to accelerate the download speed. It can also resume failed downloads and even pause those that we want to resume at another time.

This program is compatible with virtually any Internet protocol in use. Additionally, it can be seamlessly integrated with all modern web browsers of today. In addition, it is capable of directly capturing links from the clipboard to start downloads automatically.

Xtreme Download Manager

The first thing you will notice about this program is how much its interface resembles that of many Android apps. However, it is designed to work on Windows, macOS, and Linux. Xtreme Download Manager is a completely free and open-source download manager capable of accelerating downloads by up to 500%. It also offers the possibility of integrating with any browser. It can even download videos from all kinds of streaming websites to your PC.

Each download is divided into several parts (which are downloaded simultaneously). In addition, it makes use of data compression systems that allow to considerably increase the speed of downloading files.


uGet is another program, totally free and open source, that we can use to speed up file downloads from the Internet. This program is characterized by having an elementary to use interface that allows us to download multiple files at the same time. It has the basic functions of this type of software, such as pause and resume. It is also possible to split downloads into several parts for faster downloading. However, it also offers advanced features, such as integration with browsers or clipboard monitoring. It is also translated into 25 languages. It is also available for Windows, Linux, and even Android.


This download manager is one of the most complete that we can find for Windows. With EagleGet we will be able to accelerate the downloading of files from the Internet. We will also have a much more exhaustive control over all the files.

From its interface, we will be able to schedule and manage downloads. We will also be able to resume those that have been stopped or have given error. In addition, the program will check the integrity of the data once copied to the PC. This way, we guarantee that the files have been downloaded correctly and that there have been no errors. Its interface is fully customizable. It also integrates with the main web browsers on the market. Just be careful, as the wizard will try to sneak in the installation of other software.


Mipony is another excellent download manager that we can download on Windows to accelerate our downloads to the maximum. This program is very similar to Jdownloader. However, the difference is that, instead of Java, it is programmed in .NET. This makes it a much lighter and faster program.

This program allows us to automate the download of all types of files from the browser. So, optimizing the Internet connection to the maximum. It is compatible with many protocols, such as direct download, torrent and even YouTube videos and social networks. In addition, it also allows us to log in with Premium accounts to download files from the main hosting platforms.

Okay, so we have seen some of the best download managers for Windows. See you later!

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