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How to disable the Windows key in Windows 10

Hello! The Windows key is a great advantage for users of the operating system. In fact, the vast majority of keyboards include it. By pressing it, we have immediate access to the start menu. We can even use it in combination with other keys for keyboard shortcuts. However, some users may consider it negative. Pressing it by mistake can be very annoying. Since it can open the start menu or invoke a keyboard shortcut. Especially if you are playing a full-screen game. As we always aim to satisfy user tastes, today we will see how to disable the Windows key in Windows 10,

Using power toys to disable the Windows key in Windows 10.

For this, there is no need to resort to third-party programs. In fact, Microsoft offers a great tool called Power Toys. It combines a number of applications to modify system elements. So you will enjoy extra functions. To learn how to install and configure it correctly, please see our tutorial. Once installed, you just have to open Power Toys and click on Keyboard Manager

Then, just click on Remap a key.

A new window will be displayed immediately. Once there, you must add the key you want to remap. With this in mind, click the plus sign.

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As you can see, the window is divided into two columns. In the left column select the key you want to change. And in the right column you define the new assigned function. Consequently, add the Win key to the left column.

Remapping the win key
Remapping the win key

Now it is time to assign the new function. As you want to eliminate the use of the Win key, then select the Disabled option. Please press OK when you are finished.

You will receive a warning that you can no longer use the Win key. Press continue anyway.

Removing the Win key in Windows 10
Removing the Win key in Windows 10

After that, the Win key should be disabled. So you can continue to use the computer as usual. Also, there is no need to restart the operating system.

How to re-enable the key

If you change your mind and want to continue using the Win key, then no problem. From the same tool, we can re-enable it. Once again we enter the keyboard manager. Now click on Remap a key.

You will see the rule previously assigned to the Win key. Please click on the trash can icon to delete it.

Now press the OK key to close the box.

Back to the main window, you will see that there are no longer any rules regarding the Win key. Consequently, you can go back to using this key normally. Very well, we have finally seen how How to disable the Windows key in Windows 10. How to disable the Windows key in Windows 10. Bye!

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