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How to disable automatic maintenance in Windows 10

Hello! Windows 10 is a very complete system. Indeed, part of its effectiveness is due to the fact that it performs activities without the user knowing. One of them is the automatic maintenance of the system. This task is done daily, but can be disabled. However, this is not a recommended action. However, we want to give you the option of complete control over your system. So today we will see how to disable automatic maintenance in Windows 10.

What is the automatic maintenance?

It is a system activity that takes care of a series of tasks in Windows 10. In addition, these activities are not noticed by the user. For example, install app updates, perform disk cleanups and many other possibilities. As mentioned, these are unattended tasks. That is, they are performed automatically without the user’s intervention. In addition, they are simple tasks that hardly consume system resources. Therefore, it is very likely that the computer will not be affected by their performance.

As you can see, these are essential tasks that should not be deactivated. However, more modest equipment could see their functionality affected. In those cases, it is convenient to deactivate the automatic maintenance.

How to modify the time of the automatic maintenance in Windows 10

As mentioned, these tasks should always be active. However, in low power equipment it can cause problems. In any case, the first option we propose is to modify the time of maintenance. With this in mind enter the control panel. Once there click on System and Security.

Please go to security and maintenance.
Please go to security and maintenance.
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In the next window please click on Security and Maintenance.

Now you have to deploy the control in Maintenance. Then, click on change the Maintenance settings.

Then you only have to set the maintenance of the computer at the time of preference.

Please select the time for automatic maintenance

How to disable automatic maintenance in Windows 10

There is no section in Windows to disable this task. On the contrary, it is necessary to edit the Windows registry. As always, we recommend making a registry backup before proceeding. Well, press the Win+R combination and run the command: regedit.

Then, go to this path:

Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Schedule\Maintenance

Now click on the key located on the right.

Then, assign the number 1 to the value. Please close the editor and restart the computer.

This way we have seen how to disable the automatic maintenance in Windows 10. As mentioned, it is not something we recommend doing. However, according to the computer you could use it sometime. Bye!

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