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How to decompress RAR and ZIP files using Files by Google

Greetings friends! One advantage of Android devices is that they allow you to efficiently manage your files. And they support many different file types such as RAR and ZIP. If you are an intermediate user you have probably found yourself in the need to unzip some of these types of files. Let us tell you that you are in the right place. In this post, we are going to explain how to decompress RAR and ZIP files using Files by Google. Most likely, you won’t need to install it. Since this application usually comes installed by default on most devices that have the Android mobile operating system.

Advantages of having an app for compressing and decompressing files on Android

Every Android device today should have an application to compress and decompress files. Why? Well, because these applications have many utilities, such as:

  • Compress heavy files to save storage space on Android.
  • Split heavy files into multiple parts that otherwise could not be sent by WhatsApp or Gmail, for example.
  • Unzip RAR, ZIP, or 7Z files downloaded from the Internet. You can also create archives in these formats.
  • They allow you to organize your Android, by compressing into a single file all those photos, music, or videos that you save on your phone and do not want to delete.

Extracting ZIP and RAR archives using Files by Google on Android is possible

Before we show you the procedure you will need to perform. It is also necessary to take into account that Google Files only recognizes files in RAR and ZIP format. In other words, if you want to decompress files in other formats, you will have to download other applications. Also, you must update the Google Files app to the latest version. Older versions do not have this feature.

First step

Open the “Files by Google” app from your phone. In case you don’t have it you can also download and install it by following the link below:

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Google Play | Files by Google

Second step

Once you are inside the app, you must tap on the tab that says “Explore” (it is located at the bottom center of the screen).


Third step

After that, you will have to enter the storage where the file you want to unzip is located (internal memory or external memory).


Fourth step

Next, search for the file in ZIP or RAR format that you want to decompress (you can use the Files by Google search engine to find it faster).

Files by Google
Files by Google

Fifth step

Then when you have located the respective file, you must tap on the file (tap once on the screen).

Files by Google decompress RAR and ZIP files
Files by Google

A window will pop up asking you if you want to extract the files inside the archive. Finally, tap on “Extract”. In seconds, Google Files will decompress the file.

Extract decompress RAR and ZIP files

As you may have noticed when decompressing the file. Google Files allows you to delete the extracted RAR or ZIP file. It is not a bad idea to activate this function so that the file does not continue to occupy the external or internal storage of your mobile. As long as you no longer need the compressed file.

In case you have problems extracting files with Google Files. We recommend you restart the phone or clear the cache of the respective app.


In this tutorial, we explained how to unzip a RAR or ZIP file using the Files by Google app. We also talked about the advantages of having a dedicated app to compress and decompress files of this type. For an intermediate or advanced user will be of vital importance to have a greater order of all the files you manage on your Android device. Thanks for reading us. Goodbye!

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