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How to create a Widget of any Web page in Android

Android widgets are one of the flagship features of Google’s mobile operating system. The possibilities of customization of widgets are endless. Imagine being able to create a widget for your favorite or most popular website. To access the content in the fastest way from your home screen. So in this post, we will teach you how to create a widget for any website on Android.

Widgery: Web Widget

It is a tool that will allow you to create Widgets from your favorite sites, an excellent way to keep up to date with your sites or social networking account that you follow. Placed directly on your home screen. It also has an easy to use interface.

First step

Download and install Widgery directly from Google Play by following the link below:

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Google Play Store | Widgery: Web Widget

Second step

Open Widgery. Then the app will ask you for storage permissions, press allow.

Press Allow create
Press Allow

Third step

Now you will see the main menu, in which you can search for preset web pages. Then touch the icon in the lower right corner to add a new web page.

main menu create
main menu

Fourth step

After that, enter the address of the website you want. Then press the reload button.

creating the widget create
Creating the widget

Fifth step

To add the widget now go to your home screen and hold it down for a few seconds (this depends on the launcher). After that, you will see all the available widgets, now search for Widgery and select it.

Add widget
Add widget

The Widgery app will open, now use the search engine to find the web page you added. Then just select it, you can also resize the widget to your liking. Besides, remember that in advanced settings you can choose the behavior of the widget when you touch it.

Select widget
Select widget
Advanced options
Advanced options
Final result!
Final result!


Widgery is an indispensable tool for those who love personalization and also for those who want to keep up with their favorite sites. Renew your home screen in a very practical way. Thank you for reading to us. Bye!

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