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How to connect Apple AirPods to your Android Phone

Greetings friends! Apple AirPods are one of the most famous wireless headphones on the market due to the high technology implemented in them. Moreover, their high compatibility makes them available for other devices. Apple AirPods are very valid if we want to listen to music. Also to watch a video with them and enjoy surround sound and much more. It is almost a given that you want to try these wireless headphones outside of Cupertino’s mobile operating system. It is a possibility that you can indeed do and take advantage of them. In this post, we will teach you how to connect Apple AirPods to your Android phone. Following a few simple steps, you can use them in a possible change of phone. The connection is very fast, plus they are paired in a few seconds and these are also usable with any service, including Spotify, and Deezer, among others.

The great sound of the AirPods

The AirPods are undoubtedly one of the wireless headphones that will bring out the best sound on Apple devices. Until a while ago they were closed to the iOS system. Although it was opening up to its competitor, Android. Listening to songs with great quality in both sound clarity and bass is possible. That was significantly improved with the various updates available for each of its different versions.

It is valid to say on the other hand that the Apple AirPods have a high autonomy that goes from 4-6 hours. And that they get to give the user good autonomy with its well-known case. That lengthens it much more.

You can make a small test with one of the many utilities to see the potential of these headphones. Which are usually very reliable in any type of sound, be it music or videos. What you have ahead with them is that the connection with any Android phone will be quite simple to be a pairing similar to that of other manufacturers.

How to connect the AirPods to your Android phone

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Pairing the AirPods with any phone under the Android operating system is simple. The first thing you should take into account is that the pair of headphones are inside their case. Which serves to keep you always at the charging point (This will always be seen under your app).

Remember that getting them paired depends on them being recognizable and that your smartphone is compatible. So you must make use of the Bluetooth connection of your mobile device. The connection will take just a few seconds, as long as you follow the steps.

To connect the AirPods to a device under the Android system, do the following:

First step

Make sure you have your AirPods stored in their case.

How to connect Apple AirPods to your Android Phone
How to connect Apple AirPods to your Android Phone

Second step

Then press the pairing button. It has to beep and the LED indicator has to flash several times for this to work.


Third step

After that, open the “Settings” on your Android device.


Fourth step

Once inside, turn on Bluetooth and it will start searching for devices that use this connection, including the “AirPods”, which are the ones we need to connect.


Fifth step

Hit “Pair this device” and wait for it to show the name “AirPods”. Once found, press on them and it will connect successfully.

AirPods connect Apple AirPods

Once the pairing is finished, every time you want to use them, just turn on Bluetooth and they will connect automatically. This way you can enjoy your favorite content using the Apple AirPods. Thanks for reading us. Goodbye!

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