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How to clean the speaker of your Android device

Hello friends! Phones are most of the time being handled by us. This causes dirt to accumulate over time. The screen is one of the most used elements, this is usually easy to clean, not so much for example the speakers, which also tend to become clogged due to dust. In this post, we will show you how to clean the speaker of your Android device. To solve this, we present you an application with which you can clean the speaker of your Android phone. As well as other alternatives if you see that you do not get to work. Cleaning is important for the proper functioning of your speaker, which is improved if you get to remove any obstructions that have holes.

Before you start, check the speakers

The first step before you start cleaning your Android phone’s speakers. It is to see if they are too dirty, sometimes the case can help keep them in good condition. First of all check the grille, at the bottom of the phone. After viewing the speaker, if it was one, as well as if there are two, the important thing is to go looking if it has any lint. It is usually vital that you give it with a dry cloth or a paper that does not scratch it. Microfiber cloths are just as ideal, it is advised that you use them without getting them wet and wipe the grill thoroughly.

Ejecting water from the speaker

Speakers don’t just get dusty. If you have gotten your speakers wet the important thing is to have an application for this type of situation. “Speaker Cleaner-Water Remover” is one of the ideal apps if what you want is to expel all that water that may be inside the speaker. Its use is more than simple, it has a button that will make it emit some sound and throw the water out.

Press the button that says “Eject the water” and wait for it to release all the water in a few emissions. Try to do it in a dry and not humid place. It is one of the apps that will help you to get out of trouble, which is certainly one of the things that not everyone knows. One of the most downloaded tools in the Play Store.

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Google Play | Speaker Cleaner-Water Remover

Use Xiaomi Cleaner

If you have a Xiaomi phone you are in luck, it has a built-in cleaner. Not everyone knows about it and doesn’t get to use it because it is somewhat hidden. The cleaner is effective, it complies with removing dust from the inside using its strength, which is ideal in these cases, ideal for this and water.

You will not download any application, it will not be necessary in any case, so it is advisable to get to it by browsing its options.

To clean the speaker of your Xiaomi, do the following:

First step

Open the “Settings” of your Xiaomi, Redmi, or Poco device.

Settings clean the speaker of your Android

Second step

Then go to “Additional Settings”. After clicking here it will show you several things, including the one we are interested in.

Additional Settings clean the speaker of your Android
Additional Settings

Third step

After that, you will visualize one that says “Clear speaker”. Tap on it and wait for it to expel dust, water, and more.

Clear speaker clean the speaker of your Android
Clear speaker


Maintaining your Android phone’s speaker is important for it to work properly. In addition to prolonging its lifespan. We recommend you clean it periodically or when you notice it is necessary. There are times when the speaker may seem that it is already broken but it just needs maintenance and in this way, it recovers its functionality. You can support yourself by following the tips in this post before taking it to a technical service. Thank you for reading this post. Goodbye!

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