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How to clear cache automatically in MIUI 14

Greetings friends! MIUI 14 has another feature that can help you save time. It’s about clearing the cache memory, but automatically so you don’t have to wait all the time. Xiaomi mobile devices are equipped with the Chinese manufacturer’s customization layer MIUI 14. Which retains many useful features such as focus mode. Useful tools intended for maintenance or the camera app for advanced photo management. But when we run out of storage space or our terminal slows down. The most logical thing to do is to delete the cache memory. What you may not know is that MIUI has the option to delete it automatically and avoid having to do it manually. In this post, we will show you how to clear the cache memory automatically in MIUI 14. So that your phone is always optimized.

This is how to activate the automatic cache deletion in Xiaomi

Like any other hidden function, we must navigate a bit through the MIUI 14 settings on our Xiaomi mobile. Specifically, This function is located within the battery section. It will seem somewhat strange since there is no direct relationship between cache and battery, but this is where Xiaomi has preferred to place it.

First step

Go to the “Settings” of your Xiaomi device.


Second step

Then swipe down and tap the “Battery” button. Once we enter that section, we will visualize the different performance modes, as well as the battery consumption generated by the various installed apps. But this is not what we are looking for anything, but you should pay attention to the gear-shaped button located in the upper right corner.

Battery clear cache automatically in MIUI

Third step

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After that, press the gear-shaped button to go to the “lock screen settings”. In this section, you will be able to notice the function we are looking for.

lock screen settings clear cache automatically in MIUI
lock screen settings

This function is named “Clear cache when the device is locked”. Select it to enable it, and you will be able to set different options: In 1, 5, 10, or 30 minutes, or the default choice “never”.

How to clear cache automatically in MIUI 14
How to clear cache automatically in MIUI 14

What effect does it have on the system?

It’s pretty easy to define: when you lock your Xiaomi mobile device using the dedicated button for it. The system will automatically release the cache memory of the apps in the given time we have marked. It’s as simple as that. However, you should take into account that clearing the cache memory has some consequences: apps may take a little longer to open for the first time after unlocking. They may also offer less solid performance. It’s not a big deal, but it’s good to know. After a while, it will return to normal. This way, you won’t have to waste time releasing it every time we notice some strange behavior. As we can see, MIUI includes many useful secrets that you can take advantage of, and this one will save you time and effort.


Automatic cache clearing in MIUI 14 is a useful feature that allows you to optimize device performance and free up storage space. It is also possible to enable this feature from the security settings. As long as in the cleaning section you have enabled the automatic cleaning switch. This way, the system will delete unneeded temporary files every time the phone is turned off. This feature can help improve the user experience and avoid slow or crashing issues. Thank you for reading. Goodbye!

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