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Helltide event in Diablo 4, what kind of event it is, how to play and other details

Helltide is a random event that occurs on the Diablo 4 game map in the nightmare level, where waves of devilish creatures invade territories to destroy all life and wreak havoc.

Players who challenge the monsters will receive a large amount of experience and a chance to get valuable trophies, but you need to be prepared that there will be no easy walk – the invaders themselves are strong, and given the factor of their number, it is better to go to such events not alone, or be careful and stock up on resources for healing and mobility.

It is worth recalling that in order to start playing on the Nightmare difficulty, you need to complete the initial stage of the journey and the Veteran difficulty.

To succeed, you need to go through all the acts that form the basis of the storyline.

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Depending on the level of difficulty, the surrounding opponents will also change – they will be smarter, more deadly and will have more resistances and resources to confront than they originally did.

To be ready for the Nightmare difficulty level, you need to squeeze the maximum in terms of resources and equipment at each stage in order to comfortably advance in the next one, which is extremely difficult for all classes.

To quickly get to the Nightmare difficulty level and get all the resources for the final game, you can order diablo 4 power leveling from a professional service, where the performer will leave all the valuable loot in the hero’s inventory as a bonus. Thus, you will be fully prepared to repel the invasion of hordes of enemies.

Conditions for unlocking Helltide in Diablo 4

  1. Complete the storyline on all previous difficulty levels.
  2. End the World Level quest, which will take you to the Cathedral of Light.
  3. Head to the world-class Statue in Kyowashad, which is located in the Shattered Peaks area, and switch the difficulty level from Veteran to Nightmare.
  4. Talk to Pira the Doombringer and start the quest, which will eventually bring you experience and 1500 gold coins.

How to find the Helltide spawn location

Helltide’s origin is always random, but is displayed on the game map as a red shaded area that can be followed on the game map.

Sometimes these are places with active waypoints, and sometimes they have yet to be reached.

Why you should pay attention to Helltides

Helltide is not only a source of experience and gold, but also an opportunity to earn a unique currency – aberrant ashes.

These are the resources needed to open Gifts of Torture chests, which can randomly drop high value sacred, legendary, and common items.

Additionally, you can get gold, unique resources and various elixirs.

Potions that can be obtained:

Fortitude – after drinking a potion, you will receive an increase in maximum health and an increase in experience.

Weak accuracy – after using the potion, you will receive a slight increase in the chance to inflict a critical hit and a noticeable increase in the consequences if it works and increases the experience gain.

Mastery – A potion that reduces the cost of using skills and spells for 30 minutes and increases the experience gained. Please note that the recipe for such a potion cannot be obtained from the alchemist.

Mysterious Chests in Helltide

This is a special and rarest chest that can be found during the invasion of demons in the territory and location.

The name of the chest is Tormented Gift of Secrets, which costs 175 ash and can bring up to 5 items of varying degrees of value, including sacred, legendary and ordinary – it all depends on luck, sometimes you can get a full set.

If you choose the highest priority for awards. but a difficult chest, the search for which can take all the allotted time for the event – then this is definitely it, it will not be easy to find, but if you’re lucky, the reward will be worthy.

The snag of the search is that there is no clue where the chest could be, but after a few months, enthusiastic players have compiled their map of potential locations where it can appear, I advise you to familiarize yourself.

As you can see by looking at the map – most of the potential chest locations are in remote areas near high ground – or more simply in hard-to-reach places that take time to reach.

The mechanics of the search can be similar to the altars of Lilith, but with a more cunning way of hiding, but if you regularly check the map, your chances will increase significantly.

You will have about an hour of time for everything, so use the horse and do not hesitate.

Here is an example of a chest and its location relative to the game map.

Random events during the passage of Helltide that can occur and unique rewards

Event chests are chests similar in structure, from which similar items of equipment, unique resources and gold fall out, but they are much easier to find, including during movement.

Screaming Infernal Vein – contains rare power-up items for weapons and amulets from the occultists and Abberant Ashes.

The Devil’s Rose is a valuable flower that can only be found during hellish waves. Such a reward will be useful for players who like to trade spells with the occultists, and roses are also more likely to bring their owner the best pieces of equipment in the exchange.

Cursed Soul – many people miss such chests due to the fact that quite often they turn out to be empty, but 4 Aberrant Cinders can also fall from them.

Unfortunate Soul – You can also ignore these chests, but don’t forget that periodically you can find healing potions, gold and 4 Aberrant Cinders there.

Do not forget that helltide is also a great source of gems of all kinds, which will find use in absolutely all 5 playable classes in Diablo 4 currently available.

Helltide Dangers to Consider

Meteors – from time to time, meteorites will begin to fall on random play areas with stable simultaneous and gradual damage to be reckoned with and never stop in one place for a long time and not be AFK for the duration of the waves, at least if you do not want to die thoughtlessly.

Crazy Carver is a monster that deals heavy melee damage and you should remember this name and avoid close contact with them if you are playing as a ranged character and use the maximum physical defense boost in case of melee attacks.

The raid boss also slowly roams the locations, which cannot be killed alone and which must be avoided by all possible means, including by quickly mounting a horse and retreating, if you do not want to die an absurd death.

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