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How to access the focus mode in MIUI 14

Greetings friends! The latest version of MIUI is increasingly coming to most Xiaomi-branded devices. It has a few new features, but this time we want to tell you about a function that is hidden. It is a function that allows the user to disconnect from the distractions generated by notifications and applications on the phone. The goal is to facilitate concentration on tasks that require attention, such as study, work, or rest. In this post, we explain how to access the focus mode in MIUI 14.

What is the focus mode?

The focus mode in MIUI 14 is a hidden feature that allows you to block distractions from your smartphone and focus on a specific task. When the focus mode is enabled, your smartphone will only allow you to make emergency calls and use the camera. All other functions will be disabled until the timer expires. So you can concentrate on what matters without interruptions. The focus mode is similar to the one offered by Apple on iOS and can be very useful for studying, working, or meditating.

What is the Activity Launcher app?

Activity Launcher is an application that allows you to access the hidden activities of other applications installed on your device. An activity is a component of an application that performs a specific task, such as displaying a screen or running a service. Some activities are not designed to be launched directly by the user but are used internally by the application or by other applications. Activity Launcher allows you to view and launch these hidden activities, which can be useful for developers, advanced users, or curious people who want to explore the hidden functions of their favorite applications.

In this case, we will need to make use of Activity Launcher to access the focus mode of MIUI 14. Follow the steps below:

First step

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Download and install the Activity Launcher app by following the link below:

Google Play | Activity Launcher

Second step

Then open Activity Launcher once you have installed it.

Activity Launcher
Activity Launcher

Third step

After that, tap on the “magnifying glass” icon.

tap on the "magnifying glass" icon
tap on the “magnifying glass” icon

Fourth step

Next, in the text field enter the name of the following process: “UsageStatsMain” (Remember it must be without quotation marks as shown in the image)


Fifth step

Then you will see a single activity, tap on it to go to “Focus Mode”.

Focus Mode access the focus mode in MIUI
Focus Mode

Sixth step

Once you have accessed you will see that it is divided into 2 sections: Dashboard and Focus mode. In the first one, you will be able to see the time you have used your device with graphs by days and hours. In addition, you will have a list of the most used apps in this interval. You can even set a daily limit of screen hours after which you will receive a warning. Now you should tap on the focus mode, which is the one we are interested in.

Dashboard access the focus mode in MIUI

Seventh step

Finally, you can set a period with a minimum of 20 minutes, or you can test the mode for just one minute. But keep in mind that you will only be able to make emergency calls and access the camera. All other functions will be disabled, so you can concentrate on the task you need to concentrate on during that period.

Focus Mode access the focus mode in MIUI
Focus Mode


MIUI 14’s focus mode is a feature that allows users to disconnect from the distractions generated by notifications and apps. Once enabled, the user can choose how long the feature will remain enabled. A focus mode helps improve users’ productivity and well-being by reducing the stress and anxiety caused by constant phone interruptions. Thank you for reading us. Bye!

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