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How to clean the Windows 10 registry

The Windows 10 registry is the system’s own database. It stores the information necessary for the management of installed applications. In addition to other information, such as the configuration of the users who use the computer. It also stores the information required for the hardware. It is certainly a fundamental file for the system, applications, and devices. In addition, it is from there that the operation of the computer, its appearance, and the behavior of the components is completely controlled. On the other hand, the size of the registry increases with the use of the system. Also with the installation and uninstallation of programs. Or even when adding or replacing hardware components. Consequently, this can slow down the computer’s performance. Or generate traces of defective or corrupted entries. For this reason, today we will see How to clean the Windows 10 registry

How Windows 10 registry works

This component was first introduced in Windows 98. It has remained unchanged until Windows 10 and Windows Server. Let’s remember that it came to replace the text-based .ini files used in MS-DOS and Windows 3.x. As well as the Autoexec.bat and Config.sys files. Obviously, they would not be enough to support all the info generated by Windows 10. The file is a hierarchical tree database. In addition, it is made up of groups of keys, subkeys, and finally record values of different types. In the following image, you will see the structure of the registry.

Windows 10 Registry
Windows 10 Registry

The system has its own utility to manage the registration. It is an editor that allows you to add, modify or delete keys. In addition, it allows you to export all or part of the content. This is very useful in case an error occurs. On the other hand, the backup also allows you to save the entire registry. Here are the 4 best tools to clean the Windows 10 registry

Free tools to clean the Windows registry.

There are many specialized tools for this task. They scan the registry to identify broken or invalid entries and repair them. This allows to fix errors and increase the performance of the machine. We must warn that modifying the Windows registry carries risks. So we strongly recommend backing up the registry before proceeding.

Auslogics Registry Cleaner

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This is an application dedicated exclusively to keeping the Windows 10 registry smooth. To do this, cleaning up unnecessary, duplicate, or corrupt entries. It is very easy to use. Moreover, it is able to solve various problems. For example, broken Start menu shortcuts, quick launch, recent documents, and desktop items. When launched, it starts with a full system scan and reports system problems. The user must then select which problems to correct. It also offers online info about each problem. In addition, it allows the creation of backup copies. This program offers both free and paid versions. However, only the Pro version analyzes all supported areas of the system registry. Please beware of junk software that is intended to be installed with the system.

Wise Registry Cleaner

Another free cleaner that offers a clean interface and intuitive options. The program has three types of cleaning:

  • Fast scanning for secure registry entries
  • Deep scan that includes the entire system.
  • A customized scan. Which allows the user to select the area to be analyzed.

As in the previous example, the tool offers to make a backup and restore point. As in the previous example, the tool offers to make a backup and restore point. The application checks for invalid registry entries. As well as ActiveX and COM components, software paths, file types, firewall configurations, fonts, shared DLL files and others.

Cleaning jobs can be scheduled to run automatically. It also includes other interesting tools. Such as a tool to defragment the registry and reduce its size. It also incorporates other additional functions. Such as optimizing startup and shutdown of the computer. Wise Registry Cleaner comes in a free and premium version. The only difference is the ability to clean the registry of multiple user profiles.

Glarysoft Registry Repair

Perhaps the simplest option of this count. It starts scanning the log as soon as it is started. After the analysis is finished it displays a complete report. Which includes problems related to the registry, adware and/or spyware, obsolete software and others.

Glarysoft Registry Repair
Glarysoft Registry Repair

You can repair all problems with one click or check each of them. It is also possible to delete entries, leave them as they are, or add them to an exclusion list. You can also create backups before making changes. This tool is free and does not include advertising. Although the installer offers to add other programs.

Eusing Free Registry Cleaner

Don’t be put off by its outdated interface. It actually looks like a program from the Windows 98 days. However, internally it is still being updated. This provides an application with very good features. It also has 3 different types of modules. Scanning, repairing and restoring registry backups.

Eusing Free Registry Cleaner
Eusing Free Registry Cleaner

Analyzes various parts of the system registry:

  • Files and folders
  • Software locations,
  • Fonts
  • Invalid help files
  • Shared DLL files
  • Startup programs and displays them in their corresponding key.

It also has a manager to manage the startup load. This way it speeds up the Windows startup sequence by disabling autorun applications. Eusing Free Registry Cleaner is a free and ad-free program. Okay, we have finally seen how to clean the Windows 10 registry. In addition, we offered up to 4 different options to complete this important task. See you later!

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