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How to change the screen orientation on an Android phone

Hello friends! Changing the screen orientation is one of the important functions of Android. Although in some cases we get to have it enabled by default. Imagine wanting to watch a video and having only the possibility of viewing it vertically. A position that would not be at all comfortable or even the best. Thanks to the new screens we can have a good display, whether for photos, videos, and games. In addition, there are quite a few apps that let you rotate the device. By default, we can do this in most of them. Although in others we will have to use certain third-party apps, at least in several cases. In this post, we will show you some of the ways to change the screen orientation on Android. Either with the official way from the system or external possibilities.

How to activate using the default method

By default, all phones have screen orientation changes. Except when we are on the home screen (the equivalent of the desktop in Windows). This is activated in most cases when used in applications. That is valid for a greater field of vision if you need to see everything in full screen.
When activating this function you have two options. The first and fastest is to use the quick settings, while the second will go through the device settings. Either one is valid. In addition in the second, we can leave this permanent, as would also happen in the first case (quick settings).

Should you want to activate the orientation change on Android, do the following:

First method:

  • Unlock your phone.
  • Then open the quick settings on your device, scroll from top to bottom and click on the key that says “Autorotate”
  • Try now with some app or the browser and that’s it, that’s how simple it is to change the screen rotation on Android
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Second method:

  • Unlock the phone and go to “Settings” on your device.
  • Then look for the “Display” option
  • Inside it, you will see different things, one of them would be the “Screen Rotation” or “Auto Rotate”, press the switch to the right.
  • And ready, that’s how simple it is to change the screen orientation on Android, which is executable in some applications, including those that allow it, as well as the browser.

Change the screen orientation forcibly

When it comes to wanting to change the screen orientation want Android or not. It depends largely on applications, essential in the operation of any phone. An application that does this is “Rotation Orientation Manager”, which also lets you put the rotation in the place you want, vertical, horizontal, and other positions.

This app is free and available on Google Play. It is noteworthy that it can change the position, including the main screen. So you have in it a great ally when you want to change the rotation.

First step

Download and install Rotation Orientation Manager by following the link below:

Google Play | Rotation Orientation Manager

Google Play
Google Play

Second step

Then open the app and tap the “Request” button. This way the app will request the necessary permissions for its correct functioning.

tap the "Request" button
tap the “Request” button

Third step

After that, select the “Rotation” app. Next, grant it the “Allow display over other apps” permission.

Fourth step

Go back and the app will ask for the next permission. Then press “Allow modifying system settings”. With these permissions enabled the app will start running.

Then press "Allow modifying system settings" change the screen orientation
Then press “Allow modifying system settings”

Fifth step

Finally, tap the “Global Orientation” button and choose the orientation mode you like.

Global Orientation change the screen orientation
Global Orientation
Test change the screen orientation

From the notification bar, you will be able to pause, stop or block the service. In a faster and more intuitive way. Thanks for reading us. Bye bye!

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