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Windows 10 21H1 reaches almost 30% of user share

Hello! Windows 10 has been with us since 2015. Moreover, it has been continuously updated. That is, with a Rolling Release model. Likewise, each update had 18 months of support. Once this period has expired, you must upgrade or the system will be at risk. As you can see, it’s a good idea. However, the upgrades have generated some problems. Therefore, fragmentation has increased considerably. So many users have remained unsupported with outdated versions. On the other hand, Microsoft has forced its users to upgrade their versions. This is in order to avoid obsolete editions. Also, to keep them with assured support and maintenance. So lately we have noticed that Windows 10 21H1 reaches almost 30% of user share.

Windows 10 21H1 continues to increase market penetration and almost reaches 30% user share.

Certainly, Windows does not usually provide market penetration data for its products. However, thanks to AdDuplex we can know the status of the system. On the other hand, forcing updates is not usually pleasant for users. Nevertheless, the strategy is paying off. And we can see this in recent market reports. As a result, the 3 latest versions of the operating system lead the ranking of most used versions. Please take a look at the image provided by AdDuplex.

Image credit to AdDuplex
Image credit to AdDuplex

In first place is Windows 10 20H2. Indeed, the second update of 2020, with a usage of 36.3%. In the second place, version 21H1. The most recent version of Windows 10 has a user share of 26.6%. In third place, version 2004, released in April 2020. Which still holds 24.6% of Windows 10 users. Below are the 2019 versions of the system. Which are no longer supported. In addition to some versions of 2018 and earlier. Which represents 11.5% of Windows 10 users with unsupported versions. Certainly not a high value. However, it is higher than it should be. Finally, there are the insider versions of Windows 10 with a 0.2% user share.

Windows 11 debuts with a surprise

You may wonder what happens to the missing 1%. Well, surprisingly, Windows 11 debuts in this list. We say this because the insider version almost has a 1% user share. Consequently, the insider version of Windows 10 has lowered its position in the market. This shows that Microsoft’s new system has made a good start. But we will have to wait for the final version of the system to see how it performs. In the meantime, Windows 10 continues to grow. And it is that at the moment Windows 10 21H1 reaches almost 30% of user share.

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