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How to block internet access from any application on Android

Hello friends! Surely you’ve ever wanted to block internet access to an app or game on your Android device. Maybe you want to save mobile data and prevent an app from sending you annoying notifications. Block ads, or just protect your privacy. Whatever the reason. In this article we will explain how to block internet access from any app on Android. You can do it quickly and easily. There are several ways to block internet access from an app or game on Android. But the easiest and most effective. It is to use a third-party application that is responsible for managing network permissions on your device.

How to block internet access for any application on Android with NetGuard

There are many options available in Google Play. But in this case, we recommend NetGuard. It is a free, secure, reliable, and ad-free application. It allows you to control the Internet traffic of any app with a simple tap.

First step

To use NetGuard, you must first download and install it on your Android device by following the link below:

Google Play | NetGuard – No-Root Firewall

Google Play
Google Play

Second step

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Then open NetGuard on your Android and click “I agree” on the first prompt you see.

NetGuard block internet access

Third step

Activate the application by tapping the button in the upper left corner.

Activate the application block internet access
Activate the application

Fourth step

Next, tap “ok” as many times as necessary to allow “NetGuard” to create a VPN (Virtual Private Network) with which it can filter Internet traffic from applications.

Fifth step

You will also need to disable battery optimization for NetGuard (so it can run more consistently). You can do this by following the pop-up window that the application shows you or by going to Settings>Applications>NetGuard>Battery>No restrictions.

Sixth step

Finally, go back to NetGuard and disable Internet access for the applications you want by tapping the WiFi and Mobile Data icons. If the icon is green, Internet access is enabled, and if it is red, the application cannot use the Internet.

NetGuard block internet access

Remember that you can change the permissions in NetGuard at any time. You can also configure other advanced options from the application’s settings menu. For example, you can create whitelists or blacklists of applications, set rules by time or network, view the data usage of each application, and much more.

Is it safe to use NetGuard to block Internet access for an app or game on Android?

By blocking Internet access to applications through a VPN. You might think that this method can be dangerous for your privacy. But don’t worry, NetGuard VPN does not connect to any external server or collect your data. It only serves to block Internet access to the applications you choose. It is also important to note that NetGuard is an open-source application (you can view its code on GitHub). This is a guarantee that the application is transparent, and secure and does not hide anything strange in its operation. Thank you for reading. Bye bye!

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