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How to adjust brightness per app in Android

Greetings friends, Google’s mobile operating system offers you many customization options. There’s nothing like setting up your phone on your way. You’ll get a more optimized and personalized experience. Depending on the environment where you use your phone you may find the brightness level uncomfortable. This can be easily solved. That is why this post to How to adjust brightness per app in Android.

Brightness Manager

Brightness Control is an app capable of adjusting screen brightness for each app. This app uses a background service to check and apply the brightness settings. An excellent tool is very easy to use.


  • Enable apps for automatic brightness settings.
  • Automatically changes the brightness level when you open the application.
  • Settings Default brightness settings for applications that are not configured.
  • Clean and easy to configure user interface quickly.

First step

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Download and install the Brightness Manager app from Google Play Store, you can do it following this link:

Google Play Store | Brightness Control Free – Brightness per app

Second step

Then open the app, now the app will ask you to grant some permissions.

First, enable Usage Permission, then you will be redirected to Usage access, then press Brightness Manager, finally press Permit usage access.

Usage Permission adjust
Usage Permission
press Brightness Manager adjust
press Brightness Manager
press Permit usage access adjust
press Permit usage access

After that, go back to the permissions screen and press Modify System Settings, then press Allow modifying system settings.

Modify System Settings adjust
Modify System Settings
Allow modifying system settings
Allow modifying system settings

Third step

Now you will see the main menu with each of the apps installed on your phone but before you start setting up each app. First, you must calibrate the brightness of the screen. Now press the menu button located in the upper right corner. Then press settings. After that, select the option to calibrate the brightness.

main menu
main menu
press settings
press settings
  1. Turn off automatic brightness and adaptive brightness if they are enabled
  2. Set your phone’s brightness to the maximum level and press the GET button. To finish, press the SAVE button.
press save to finish
press save to finish

Fourth step

Return to the main screen. Now select the app you prefer. Then adjust the brightness level to your liking. Then press close. And that’s it. Enjoy!

brightness manager
brightness manager
press close
press close


Brightness Manager is a really useful tool. It will allow you to quickly adjust the brightness when you go to watch videos, or play your favorite games, also when you go to read some post on the web. Remember to keep checking back for great tips and tricks for your Android device, thanks for reading us. Bye!

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