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How to configure the Windows 10 Focus Assist.

Hello! Without a doubt, the uses of the computer are very varied. Consequently, the configuration varies according to their use. Obviously, the user is the main protagonist of this process. In addition, Microsoft provides different tools to your operating system. In fact, Windows has a focus assist. A tool that allows us to concentrate on what is really important. Didn’t you know? Today we will see how to configure the Windows 10 Focus Assist.

What is the Windows 10 Focus Assist?

Recently the developers have been working to save the users’ time. Since it is well known that the digital world can take up a lot of time. Consequently, tools have been developed with two objectives. The first one is based on a policy of not disturbing. That is, to block the flood of notifications from social networks and system applications.

The second strand focuses on the user’s concentration. That is, it blocks unnecessary notifications. But it also aims to keep the user focused on the main task. In this way, work time is shortened. For example, mobile systems like Android include this feature. However, Windows 10 includes its own focus assist.

How to activate the concentration mode of Windows 10

Microsoft is constantly modernizing its flagship operating system. For this reason, it has integrated functions that previously only covered mobile devices. In fact, it is even possible to manage mobile notifications from the computer. Well, as already mentioned Windows 10 has a concentration assistant. Let’s see how to activate it. The first thing you have to do is go to Windows Settings. With this intention, press the Win+I combination. Once there, click on System.

Enter the System
Enter the System
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Then scroll down. Please click on Focus Assist.

In this section different configuration parameters are shown. In the first place are the Focus Assist options:

  • Off: Receive all notifications.
  • Priority Only: Receive only priority list notifications.
  • Alarms Only: Hide all notifications except alarms.
Managing Focus Assist options
Managing Focus Assist options

It is also possible to customize the priority list. With this intention, click on the option. A window will then be displayed where you can edit parameters related to calls, texts and reminders. Also, notifications about people. And finally, select from which App you will receive notifications.

Finally, there is a list of automatic rules. These allow you to activate the wizard for a period of time. There are also rules regarding the use of the display, playing games and using the full screen. You can also receive a summary of missed notifications.

Automatic Rules in Focus Assist
Automatic Rules in Focus Assist

And that’s it! In this simple way you can activate this tool in the system. As you can see, it is aimed at increasing the productivity of the user. See you soon!

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