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AlmaLinux OS 8.4 available

Hello, friends. As we all know AlmaLinux OS is one of the best performing alternatives to CentOS 8. Proof of this is that recently has been released version 8.4 which is compatible with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.4 In this post, we will tell you the highlights of AlmaLinux OS 8.4

AlmaLinux OS Foundation is proud to announce the release of AlmaLinux OS 8.4 Stable. One of the highlights of this release is that This is a production-ready, stable release and ready to power all your computing needs and workloads.

Also, Secure Boot is now fully supported in this release. So more and more AlmaLinux OS is becoming a solid alternative to CentOS whose support is about to end.

Some features of this release

AlmaLinux OS 8.4 is based directly on RHEL 8.4 so many of its new features are also present in this release. However, there are a few other new features that deserve to be highlighted

  • OpenSCAP security profiles are now ready for production
  • devel repo released with extra packages and build dependencies not included in upstream distribution. You should not enable this repository in production environments.
  • PowerTools repo is now disabled by default to match upstream distribution and moved to separate file almalinux-powertools.repo
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Also, several compilers such as GCC Go and Rust have been updated. This allows developers to have more up-to-date tools for these languages.

But not only this, but also Added new module streams: PostgreSQL13, MariaDB 10.5, and others.

As expected in these releases, several RHEL-related packages have been removed to give more personality to the distribution.

Where can I download AlmaLinux OS 8.4?

For now, there are only 64-bit images available, which you can download directly from a nearby mirror, although it is recommended to do so via torrent.

In case you are already using version 8.3, you just need to run a

dnf update -y

and wait for the process to finish. Also, you can migrate from CentOS 8.

Enjoy it!

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