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Get the most out of Windows with these Widgets. (Part II)

Hello! Today we are going to follow the possibilities that Widgets offer us on Windows. We have already seen that we can increase our productivity. Indeed, these additions allow us to view important information quickly and efficiently. Read on to continue exploring the best widgets for Windows.

Paid widget sets for Windows

Previously we saw the best free widgets we can get. If they don’t satisfy you, you can explore the paid options.

Pro Widgets for Widget Launcher

Interesting option to add widgets to the Windows desktop, both Windows 10 and Windows 11. Pro Widgets includes 7 different widgets. These will also add additional functionality that is not available in other programs.

Pro Widgets allows us to add to the Windows desktop a widget to search or translate words, date, and time in different formats. It also shows the consumption of computer resources along with widgets that show certain images in the form of presentation. In the same way, it allows personalizing the design and aesthetics in general of these elements.

Power Widgets

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Power Widgets is a set of widgets designed for Windows 11. However, also it works without problems of compatibility in Windows 10. Also, we will be able to distribute them in any other location. It also allows us to add shortcuts to the applications we use most. This is very useful if we want to have the taskbar as clean as possible or if we have no more space to add new links.

In addition to adding shortcuts to applications, we can also add weather widgets with different layouts. Other widgets available are a calendar, queries the notes stored in the Windows Notes application. It also includes a widget that shows the last emails we have received in Outlook. Finally, it allows you to customize the aesthetics of the widgets along with the level of transparency, in addition to including numerous themes.

Power Widgets is a paid application available in the Microsoft Store whose price is 1.19 dollars. But, in addition, inside, we can also find more purchases if we want to expand the number of widgets and / or modify its design.

Calendar widgets

If we are so forgetful that, despite writing down appointments and tasks in the calendar, we forget to check them, using these widgets will not happen again.

Calendar Task

Calendar Task is an application that allows us to display the Google calendar on the desktop background of our computer. However, it not only shows us the calendar. In fact, it also displays the calendar appointments. It even allows you to add or delete events without having to open any third-party application.

It also allows us to perform searches, customize the widget font. The app also allows us to set the transparency level so that it does not look like a sticky paste on the desktop, and many more options. Downloading and using this application is completely free and is available through this link.

Calendar Widget

Calendar Widget is a very efficient widget but very simple as well. In fact, it simply displays the calendar on the Windows desktop, without including any information about upcoming events. Calendar Widget shows on screen the complete month in which we are and allows you to adjust the level of transparency. We can also select a background color and highlight the day we are in.

Calendar Widget is available in the Microsoft Store for 0.99 dollars. However, we can try it for free from the following link by clicking on Free Trial.

Widgets to know the weather

Knowing the weather information for the next few days is very easy using any of the widgets shown below.

Sense Desktop

Sense Desktop allows us to move the fantastic weather widget that HTC offered in its first smart terminals launched on the market. In fact, this widget also showed the time of day. Sense Desktop allows us to move the incredible weather widget that HTC offered in its first smart terminals launched on the market. In fact, this widget also showed the time. Within the configuration options of the widget, we can modify the design of the forecast in order to adapt it to the color of the wallpaper.

Weather Bar

Weather Bar is a widget with the same design as an application for mobile devices. Through it, we can check both the weather forecast for the next few days, and the current temperature. In addition, we can also see the weather speed. Also, the time of sunrise and sunset along with the cycles of the moon. In addition to Windows, it is also available for Linux and macOS. It includes numerous options to customize the aesthetics.

Watch Widgets

If we spend many hours in front of the computer, and we are tired of turning our eyes completely to see the date and time, we can use these widgets.

Smart Watch Widget

This widget offers elementary operation. In fact, it simply displays on the Windows desktop the date and time, along with the alarms set on the computer. Smart Watch Widgets, offers us a rounded widget that we can customize to show more or less information depending on our needs. From the widget itself, we can access the alarms that we have configured and add new ones. It also includes different customization options to modify the aesthetics of this widget.

Sense Desktop

It’s time for a vintage touch. Indeed, if you owned one of the first models of an HTC smartphone, you probably loved its widgets. Then, the time widget we need is Sense Desktop. This widget, allows us to display both the time and the date and weather forecast. This weather forecast can be removed within the configuration options to show only the time.

Digital Clock

If we use a screen of many inches, having to turn our heads to see the time and day we are in can become a nuisance. Therefore, Digital Clock can be your solution. Digital Clock is a simple widget that displays the time and day in digital format. It also includes numerous customization options that allow us to modify the transparency, the location on the screen and the design among others.

Bonus. Widgets to monitor computer resources.

Knowing the resource consumption of our PC allows us to know the reason the fans of our equipment have started up and to solve it if it really becomes a problem.

Gizmo – System Health Widget

If we are looking for a widget to be able to know at all times from the Windows desktop the performance of our computer, one of the best options available in the Microsoft Store is Gizmo – System Health Widget. Gizmo is a widget with a bar design that we can place anywhere on the screen. Also, its size varies depending on the number of options we want it to display.

With Gizmo, we can see, at a glance on the Windows desktop, information about the percentage of CPU and graphics usage. In addition to the amount of RAM memory used and available, the use of the hard disk or SSD and the network among others. Among the customization options, Gizmo includes 4 themes that allow us to modify the background color along with the transparency level.

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