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Extend the possibilities of your PC with these Windows widgets. (Part I)

Hello, Windows Vista was the introduction of widgets on Windows. Recall that this functionality quickly disappeared in later versions of Windows. The reason for its disappearance was not related to its functionality. In fact, the problem originated with the high consumption of resources that they had, and that was not helped by the very bad optimization of Vista. However, widgets have always been there, even more so with the arrival of Windows 11, which welcomes widgets once again. Although they are also available in Windows 10, at least natively.

Windows widgets allow us to access relevant information without having to access any application. Moreover, in certain cases, they also allow you to interact with the application without having to open it in full screen. With the launching of Windows 11, Microsoft has bet again on these small applications that we can fix on screen. However, for many users, the customization options available are not enough. In such a case, the solution to this problem is to use third-party widgets.

The best free multifunction widgets for Windows

This list includes the best widgets available for free.

Widget Launcher

Widget Launcher is an application available in the Microsoft Store that puts at our disposal numerous widgets. With them, we can access relevant information at a glance, without having to open any application. In addition, it offers us numerous themes to customize the statics of these. This allows us to adapt them to the background image that we use in our computer at all times.

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Widget Launcher, allows us to add widgets of the date and time, the weather, the computer’s calendar, a calculator. In addition to a monitor of processor activity and consumption of computer resources, and a unit converter. Also, a gallery of images that change randomly and a note’s application, among others. It is certainly possible to download the application completely free of charge. However, to take advantage of its full potential, it is necessary to purchase the premium package. Fortunately, it is a one-time purchase and not a subscription.


BeWidgets is an application with which we can create all kinds of widgets on our computer screen. It allows you to customize the aesthetics and functionality of your desktop by adding small on-screen applications. In this way we can see the weather, date and time information in a larger size. It is also possible to add shortcuts to applications (if we have the full taskbar) and see the stock market price.

When creating widgets, the application provides us with many options to display the information as we want in terms of aesthetics and the information we need. At the moment, it does not offer a widget to control the music. The BeWidgets application is available for free download from the Microsoft Store. It does not include any type of purchase or subscription, and we can download it through the following link.

WidgetBox – Modern Widget Collection

WidgetBox is one of the most complete widget applications. Through it, we have at our disposal more than 40 types of widgets in high resolution. WidgetBox is one of the most complete widget applications. Through it, we have at our disposal more than 40 types of widgets in high resolution. It is possible to add weather information, a shortcut to navigate through Chrome, date and time. In addition to a note’s application, it shows the resource consumption of the computer, an RSS reader and a calculator. It is also available shortcuts to the applications we have installed, a volume level control and to mute the microphone operation and much more.

Unlike other applications, WidgetBox allows you to place widgets independently anywhere on the screen. It is also possible to modify the level of transparency and the background color to quickly adapt them to the background image of your computer screen. Downloading this application is free. However, to get the most out of it, it is necessary to make use of the different purchases available inside.

Desktop Gadgets

Desktop Gadgets puts at our disposal numerous widgets of all kinds, with which we can increase our productivity. This is done by reducing the number of applications that we have to open to access a certain type of information. This set of widgets allows us to display on the screen of our PC, information about the weather forecast, date, and time. Also, the consumption of resources of our computer, the calendar, a calculator, and information of the stock market. Even RSS information, the notes of the Windows application among others.

In addition, it includes numerous themes to customize the aesthetics of the widgets. Consequently, we will be able to adapt them to the wallpaper image we use on our PC. Desktop Gadgets is available for free download. Although, it also includes different in-app purchases to unlock access to all available features.

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