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Files now have a release date for Windows 11

Hello! One of the basic tools of Windows is the file explorer. Indeed, it is a daily use app. However, it also has third-party alternatives. This time, we will talk about Files. A free and open-source alternative. In addition, it was already available for Windows 10. However, it already has a date of arrival for Windows 11. And it offers all the basic functions of the file explorer. With the addition that supports tabs and adopts Fluent Desing. In addition, Files already has a release date for Windows 11.

Files will arrive on Windows 11 on October 04th

We have already told you about the performance of Files in Windows 10. Honestly, it has been a great experience. Well, for now, it is in the closed beta phase. However, this testing period is soon to end. Since the developer has posted on Twitter that the release date will be October 04, 2021.

As we have already mentioned, Files allows the use of tabs. Besides, its design is based on Fluent Design. On the other hand, it integrates almost all the functions of the classic Windows 10 explorer. In fact, it is enough to use the context menu to check it. It also supports functions such as FTP access.

But Files doesn’t just change things at the performance level. In fact, it supports the use of themes. So it’s a really attractive browser. Since it includes the option of side panels. That is, you can view folders or files in two different locations in the same window. It is even possible to preview the files inside it. On the other hand, there is still a little more than 1 month to go to know the complete news of Files. However, in the images, we can appreciate improvements typical of Windows 11. Such as the rounded corners and the redesigned icons. But if you want to see the evolution of Files, go to his page on GitHub. You already know, Files already has a release date for Windows 11. Bye!

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