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Files is the best option for the Windows 10 File Explorer

Hello! It is rumored that this year Microsoft will renew the look of Windows 10. For example, the file browser is one of them. Since it is an essential working tool. Besides, it is incredible that it keeps the look from old editions. On the other hand, systems such as macOS and Unix have updated this element. But as far as Windows 10 is concerned, there are still no changes or evolution. Fortunately, the community of developers is very enthusiastic. So today we show you an extended free and open source option. We present you Files, the best option for the Windows 10 File Explorer.

Files for Windows 10 incorporates the tabbed view.

Certainly improvements and changes are expected for Windows 10. In fact, here we show you how to enable the new Windows 10X file explorer. This is an interesting option. However, it is oriented to files in the cloud. Nevertheless, these versions are far from a definitive final deliver. So today we show you a project with almost a couple of years of development. Files are available for download from the Microsoft Store. In addition, the project is hosted in GitHub. Similarly, Files offers the basic functions of the Windows file browser. But it also has an interesting addition. And that is that it incorporates the tabs. Additionally, it has a modern design inspired by Fluent Design. Similarly, the context menu works perfectly. So you only need to right-click on the mouse to see it in action. Any additional downloaded functions will be displayed normally.

Files working with the Windows 10 context menu.
Files working with the Windows 10 context menu.

An innovative and attractive design.

The design is very elegant and attractive. Because the tabs take up the right space on the top bar. In addition, it now incorporates the dual panel view. That is, it is possible to view folders in two different locations in the same window. Therefore, productivity is increased.

Files showing tabs and the dual panel mode.

The app offers many customization options. For example, choose the browser’s home page. You can even select the default terminal application. As for the display mode, it is very similar to that of the Windows file browser. For example, large icons, small icons, medium icons, details, etc. Similarly, it manages hidden files and extensions.

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Another interesting aspect is an ongoing task panel. It displays notifications of operations performed by the browser. Such as the time remaining when copying or moving files. It even asks if you want to delete an item permanently when you delete it. That is, whether to go through the Recycle bin.

In short, these are the most relevant aspects of Files, the best option for the Windows 10 file browser. I’ve been using it for some time, and it’s practically flawless. Beyond some eventual lag when using the dual panel. We assume that with updates it will improve performance. However, it is my favorite option to browse the archives. See you later!

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