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How to copy objects with Augmented Reality on Android

Hello friends! Now you can create very fast copies of any object around you using the camera of your Android phone. This is possible thanks to an app called ClipDrop, which uses augmented reality to make a smart crop from a photo, you can also do it with photos in which there is text. This way you can convert it into text that you can modify. It also integrates with your PC so you can share your clippings very quickly. And you can send them directly to editing programs like PhotoShop.
In this post, we will show you how to copy objects with augmented reality on Android.

First step

Go to their website and download and install their desktop client. Hit the download button. After that, create an account or you can sign up using your Google or Facebook account.

Clip Drop Website

Copy objects
Copy objects

Second step

Now download and install from Google Play the Clip Drop app. Follow the link below:

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Google Play | ClipDrop – AR Copy Paste – Pro

Third step

Then open the app and grant permissions to access the camera. Finally, log in or create an account. Remember that it must be the same one you used in the desktop client.

press allow copy
press allow
create an account copy
create an account
create an account copy
create an account

Fourth step

From the ClipDrop main screen focus on the object you want to copy and press the Clip button. To send it to your PC you just need to press the Drop button. And that’s it.

press clip
press clip
press drop
press drop


ClipDrop is a tool that can simplify many steps, from taking the photo and using another tool to remove the background and connecting your phone to the pc to receive it. It is an important add-on for people who do photo editing. And the best thing is that it will allow you to do it quickly and easily. Thanks for reading us. Bye!


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