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Fedora 31 is available

Fedora 31 is available for download. After several months of development, a new version of Fedora has seen the light and here we tell you the main news and what to expect from it.

Fedora has always been characterized by being a bold Linux distribution with quite remarkable changes. All this hand in hand with stability and robustness. This new version comes loaded with new features, being the inclusion of GNOME 3.34 one of the main ones.

Let’s see what’s new.

GNOME 3.34 on Fedora 31

GNOME 3.34 is an important version of Fedora’s favorite desktop environment. This is because its new features are very focused on the computer performance and resource consumption. So, this results in Fedora 31 is a little faster than the previous version.

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Some new GNOME 3.34 features that may be contributed by Fedora 31 users are as follows:

  • Improvements in the overall performance of the environment
  • Boxes, the GNOME’s virtual machine manager incorporates 3D acceleration in virtual machines.
  • Terminal now supports right-to-left and bi-directional languages.
  • Custom icon folders which facilitate the organization of them.

And many more.

Fedora 31 available: other features

We already said that Fedora is characterized by having many new features that take time to implement in other Linux distributions. Some of them with the following ones:

  • Eliminated Python 2. Because the support of this language version ends this year.
  • Inclusion of Linux 5.3
  • NodeJS 12 from the official repositories.
  • Firefox will run natively in the GNOME Wayland session.
  • Also, Wayland enabled by default in GNOME.

Other languages stand out:

  • Go 1.13
  • GCC 9.21
  • Perl 5.20

In addition to PHP 7.3 and many server tools.

However, this version also marks the farewell of 32bits support.

Download Fedora and spins

So, Fedora by default includes GNOME but there are several spins with major desktop environments such as Plasma, XFCE, or Mate. So let’s get to work.

Download Fedora 31

Download Fedora 31 Spins

So, in case you want more information about this release, I recommend you read the release note of this new version.

So, enjoy it.

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