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fedora 31

How to install the LAMP stack on Fedora 34

Fedora is one of the most popular Linux distributions that exist, and is also used by developers to do their jobs. In this sense,...

How to install the latest version of GIT on Fedora 34 / 33?

In this short post, you will learn how to install the latest version of Git on Fedora 34 step by step. As time goes by,...

How to install MySQL on Fedora 34/33?

Fedora is a great distribution. It is a very used distribution although not as much as Ubuntu or Linux Mint. However, it is still...

How to install Google Chrome on Fedora 31?

There are many web browsers available for Linux. From the most popular to the most unknown. Well, in this tutorial you will learn how...

Fedora 31 is available

Fedora 31 is available for download. After several months of development, a new version of Fedora has seen the light and here we tell...

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