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F5 Networks buys Nginx

Nginx is one of the most popular web servers today. Its influence in the field of servers is totally indisputable and together with Apache dominate the market for web servers. The best of all is that it is an open source project that has community support and its robustness is absolutely unquestionable. However, there comes a point when projects need to grow and that’s why F5 Networks buys from Nginx. Just as you read it, Nginx has been bought.

Acquisitions go on and on. A short time ago, we were surprised by the news of the purchase of Red Hat by IBM. Now it’s Nginx’s turn.

In recent days, it has become known that F5 networks a company that is involved in multi cloud technology projects is the new owner of Nginx INC. Nginx INC is the company behind the development and promotion of Nginx. Nginx’s work has been very good and they have positioned it as a quality and reference web server. So F5 Networks is made with very important software within Nginx.

Same vision, promising future

Or at least, that’s what both sides hope for. In the statement issued by both companies, they talk about how Nginx and F5 share the vision of offering security and scalability in the cloud beyond the base Web server.

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On the other hand, F5 Networks will support Nginx with a strong monetary investment. In addition, F5 Networks will offer its knowledge and experience to improve the security of web processes. So we are talking about an alliance that will significantly improve the services offered by Nginx.

It is also good to note that F5 Networks works with projects focused on the cloud. Where F5 Networks considers that Nginx will be able to provide the necessary base for those products.

Thinking about the future, this purchase may mean an improvement on Nginx’s part but we are left out of knowing if it will bring a direct consequence in the licensing of Nginx’s products. While technologically, we could consider it important news that will bring important consequences.

F5 Networks buys Nginx. Some details

In the first place, it is necessary to say that the purchase has been made for an amount of 670 million dollars. That is to say, a lot of money which leads us to think that the bet of F5 Networks is quite strong.

In addition, it should be noted that F5 Networks is committed to maintaining the Nginx brand. As well as its operations in the world. Together with this, its CEO Gus Robertson and founders Igor Sysoev and Maxim Konovalov will be part of F5 as Nginx managers.

In financial matters, F5 Networks aspires to have medium-term gains with this acquisition. As well as an increase in its reputation and experience in web servers.

However, a very clear purpose of this purchase is to close the gap between NetOps and DevOps with application services consisting of multiple cloud environment by F5.


This type of financial movement on the part of these companies does not cease to be eye-catching and opens up many expectations. Therefore, it is always good to be informed and follow closely all these activities that bring consequences for the user. In this case, everything seems to indicate that it is a strategic purchase and that it will bring many technological benefits.

This is important news, spread it with your friends. So, share it.

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