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What is Windows 11 S.

We are going to explain what it is and what advantages and disadvantages Windows 11 S offers. It is also known as Windows S Mode. We will begin speaking to you of a quite summarized way of what exactly is Windows 11 in mode S. In addition to which are its main characteristics. Then, we will go on to tell you its main advantages and disadvantages, and we will finish talking to you about its activation.

What is Windows 11 S

Windows 11 S or Windows 11 in S mode is a version of Microsoft’s operating system that has been optimized for security and performance. With this in mind, the operating system offers a much more limited experience. As a result, it aims to control installed applications much more and make it more difficult for viruses to be installed.

For that, Windows 11 S only allows you to install applications from the Microsoft Store. Therefore, it prevents external installations. This means that you will not be able to download .exe installers and install applications with them. You will only be able to install content within the official Microsoft Store.

In this way, the company is trying to limit the chances of you inadvertently installing a virus on Windows. So it makes security when installing software dependent on Microsoft’s own internal controls for the Microsoft Store. In addition, it also requires the use of Microsoft Edge. Therefore, no other third-party browser is available. Thus, security is again dependent on Microsoft’s own internal controls. In addition to the security systems that are included in your browser. It will also limit the use of Bing as the default browser.

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The mode S of Windows 11 has been thought for scopes like the familiar one. Specifically, when you do not want the small ones of the house to install applications that are inadequate. Also for school environments when you also want to limit the experience. This allows to improve the performance of the computers that are given to the students.

What are its pros and cons

In favor of Windows 11 S is the fact that security is increased. Let us remember that it prevents third party sources through which viruses can enter. It also avoids unwanted changes in the computer that could endanger the system.

In addition, it also has a slightly better performance. Keep in mind that it is an operating system designed to optimize the consumption of RAM and CPU resources. It also starts the computer faster by loading fewer programs. It is like a walled version of Windows. In short, the experience of the operating system as Microsoft envisions it, and that you cannot change.

This is a great benefit, especially in family or business environments. It is also very attractive for more controlled environments where you want to make sure that the computer always works in the best possible way. Or simply that no strange or inappropriate programs can be downloaded.

The big disadvantage of this version of the operating system is that you will be able to do much fewer things on Windows. In fact, most of the applications for the system you will not be able to install. The Microsoft Store app store is very limited compared to all the apps available that have not been adapted to it by developers.

Therefore, you will also have less freedom. Remember that you will not be able to install external applications. On the other hand, you also depend entirely on Microsoft Edge as a browser and Bing as a search engine. There is no room for alternatives.

How to have Windows 11 in S mode

The only way to have Windows 11 S is to have a computer that comes from the factory with it. Otherwise, if you have Windows 10 S, you can upgrade to Windows 11 S, and it will keep this mode updated. It is the only way. This means that from Windows 11 you cannot activate the S mode. Indeed, it is a specific version that must be installed on the computer you buy.

In addition, if you have a computer or laptop with this mode, when you deactivate Windows 11 S you will no longer be able to return to it. Consequently, you will stay forever in the Home version of Windows 11. In addition, without the extra layer of limitations that offer you protection. In case you want to disable this mode, you have to go to the system settings and go to the privacy and security options, and in the activation options you can disable it.

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