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Enjoy Hooli GTK Theme

Are you looking for a stylish and modern theme that will dramatically increase the aesthetics of your entire system? Then Hooli GTK theme is right for you. It borrows the design influence from Google and the design language of material themes. It’s very similar to other themes like Paper and Adapta etc. theme.

The theme is available to any system that uses GTK-based Linux desktop environments.

The theme is really easy to enjoy. Let’s get started.

Getting Hooli GTK theme

Get the latest version of Hooli. The file name is “Hooli.zip”.

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Install Hooli

Once the download is complete, run the following commands –

# Extract the archive –
unzip Hooli.zip

# Place the Hooli files in the folder –
sudo mv ~/Downloads/Hooli /usr/share/themes

If you’re looking for a complementary icon theme for Hooli, then Papirus icon theme offers the best compatibility. Get Papirus icon theme.

Enjoy Hooli!

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