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Disable Account Consistency on Chrome

but resource-hungry. However, thanks to today’s popularity of high-end systems, that’s not too much of an issue. Recently, Google released the current latest version of Chrome – Chrome 69. It came up with lots of improvements and UI reworks but a new feature blew up everyone’s mind.

Chrome auto login

Yes, I’m talking about the weird behavior of Chrome – whenever you log into any Google service, you automatically also log into the Chrome browser! Needless to say, it created a huge outburst in the community where privacy is becoming more and more important than all those fancy features.

Today, let’s find out on disabling this annoying feature. The guide will apply for all the platforms – Windows and Linux. If you’re a Linux user, learn how to get the latest version of Chrome.

Disabling the auto-login

Open a new tab and go to the following URL –

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Now, disable the feature “Identity consistency between browser and cookie jar”.

After you’ve changed the option, you have to restart your browser. After you’ve restarted, you can check out the result –

This method is supposed to be a temporary fix. At first, Chrome 69 didn’t have any option to disable the auto login. In the future (Chrome 70 or later), it should be easier to disable the feature.

If your Chrome is running multiple Chrome profiles, then you have to do the same for every single profile.

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