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Is Destiny 2’s Grind Getting Too Tedious for Players in 2023?

Destiny 2 has been out and around for a while now and there’s no doubt that players love it. But over the years, players are noticing a wild increase in the game’s grind. So much so that many players are getting turned off by it, leaving the game altogether. But how serious is this problem and how deeply has it affected the game as of 2023? And with all the grind currently in the game, is it worth playing?

These are just a few of the many questions that we will try to answer in this article. Whether you are an old-time player looking to make a comeback to the game or a total newbie wanting to see if the game is worth playing in its current state, this should help you out!

It Has Always Been “Grindy”

As far as “Grinding” in this game is concerned, I have always found this game to be grindy. My first week after buying Destiny 2 back when it was released, I enjoyed the grind as it was meaningful and it stayed that way for a very long time before I got burned out and had to take a break from the game. But the Grind was good for a couple of years as you always had something to look forward to, something fun to do. And we all know that Destiny 2’s emphasis on collecting loot and upgrading gear has been a major draw for players since its launch.

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However, things have changed quite a bit as the game has evolved and expanded. And while I still have new things to look forward to since I left the game, I can see why so many players are finding this game to be TOO GRINDY to play anymore. Many players have been playing this game non-stop for over 5 years now and they are bound to get burned out. So instead of Bungie trying to add some more grind to the game to try and keep the players engaged with meaningless tasks, it should let the game run its course and try to reduce some of that grind.

Why Power Levels are Still a Thing?

One of the biggest concerns that many players have is Bungie’s way of dealing with the season’s content. Every season the players get their progress reset and are forced to grind up their artifacts and gear power to take part in the season’s end-game content like Raids, Master Dungeons, and whatnot. It worked for a while as players were making progress in the game as beginners but after so many seasons, It’s getting frustrating for players to feel like they have to play excessively just to reach the next power level requirement.

Of course, Destiny 2 isn’t the only game MMO with an excessive grind like that but it takes the whole to a different level. And it’s getting annoying for the players to indulge themselves in repetitive activities like that over and over again. Bungie promised to address some of these issues with the release of Lightfall. I just can’t help but wonder why do Power Levels still exist in the game? Why not just get rid of them? They have started giving players the idea that their efforts are going to be in vain when new artifacts drop in the next season.

Bungie Might Just Have the Solution

Now before you make up your mind about Destiny 2 being too grindy to play right now. It’s important to look at other factors and consider them while making this decision. And one of the things that I really like about Bungie is their transparency about the future of the game. So, if our past experiences with Bungie are anything to go by, I think you should start saving up to buy Destiny 2 account as Bungie has plans to get rid of the meaningless grind from the game along with the power levels.

So, if that’s your only concern, (which I think it is) then you have very little to worry about. Lightfall, just like any other expansion, has introduced a ton of fun and exciting content for players to dig in, that is, of course, when they get past the power level requirements. But then again, things are changing and for good!

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