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The 11 definitive reasons to upgrade to Windows 11

Hello! Little by little, Windows 11 is convincing more and more users. In fact, many of them were somewhat reluctant to upgrade to this new version at the beginning of its release. So, you probably still have some doubts about it. If so, we are going to tell you a few reasons why you should upgrade. Windows 11 started at the beginning of its release with a rather slow pace in terms of deployment on users’ computers. Indeed, issues such as incompatibility with many processors, especially older ones, as well as the controversy created by TPM 2.0, worked against it. In addition, there were users with it already installed who complained about errors and some problems. We will show you reasons to upgrade to Windows 11.

But the truth is that little by little its importance and presence in the market has been growing. This has been helped by the good updates it has been receiving. In fact, it has made it a much more stable, reliable and fast operating system. Besides that, it has been incorporating new functions that its predecessor Windows 10 has not received until the moment and that, surely, it will never arrive to have. Anyway, if you are still undecided to install Windows 11 on your computer, we are going to leave you with a few reasons why you should install it right now.

Reasons why you should upgrade to Windows 11:

  • Appearance
  • File Explorer
  • Integration
  • DirectX 12
  • Direct Storage
  • Snap
  • Multiple desktops
  • Command bar
  • Gaming performance
  • HDR
  • Security


This new operating system has a different and differential aspect with respect to what we knew until its arrival. Microsoft remodeled a good part of its operating system, making it more modern and with a style of another level. In fact, it is something we have never seen before in Microsoft products.

Now in Windows 11:

  • The redesigned taskbar comes with centered icons.
  • There is a move towards transparency and a fading of colors in layers.
  • The menus look more modern and closer to other operating systems that are more advanced in design.
  • The taskbar, applications and file explorer windows change their appearance with any desktop background.
  • New Widgets menu with news, notifications and other alerts, such as weather.

File Explorer

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From major update 22H2 onwards, Windows 11 has introduced tabbed browsing in its File Explorer windows. This allows us to create as many tabs as we want within the same window. So we will be able to scroll through each one horizontally, copying and pasting files and folders from one to another. Also, we will be able to create groups of tabs. The best of all is that no matter how many we think, it will not affect the RAM or the performance of the computer.


After a world changed for everyone by the pandemic, technology had to evolve. Therefore, it had to change abruptly to adapt to what users needed. In fact, in the past, videoconferencing programs were moderately well maintained. They were only to be used once in a long time. Now, however, they are paramount and life is no longer conceivable without them. Indeed, Microsoft Teams has done well in this regard. Moreover, it is now integrated directly into Windows 11.

DirectX 12

DirectX 12 Ultimate is and will be the foundation of all features for the next generations of games that can run on Windows. Especially for those using features such as real-time ray tracing and mesh shading. Having DirectX 12 Ultimate will be a must for Windows gamers aiming for maximum quality. It is worth remembering that Windows 11 supports DirectX 12 Ultimate as a minimum specification requirement.

Direct storage

It is also a fact that the next generation PS5 and Xbox consoles are built on NVMe SSDs. Therefore, they reach really high speeds. Well, DirectStorage brings that technology to Windows 11 exclusively. This is what makes it completely different from the other operating systems that Microsoft has released.

Snap layouts

Snap layouts have been a characteristic that was released in Windows 7. However, it has been now in Windows 11 when it has reached its maximum splendor. Therefore, we will be able to order by symmetrical placements or not, serving us for several drawings to place the tabs that we have open.

Snap feature in Windows 11, allowing easy access to up to six different types of window layouts at any given time. Remember that availability depends on our monitor.

Multiple desktops

Windows 11 has a multi-desktop feature that can be accessed from the taskbar. In fact, just click on the Task View button to open multiple desktop instances that can even be renamed. In addition, we will be able to maintain its essential tasks to differentiate from the rest. You can reorganize them in any order, change their location, or close the ones you are not going to use anymore.

Command bar

One of the most applauded features in Windows 11 File Explorer is the command bar at the top of each window. We will be able to cut, copy, paste, rename and delete files by simply hovering the cursor near the top area. A brilliant idea and much faster.

Game performance

Windows 11 supports some of the latest enhancements in gaming features that are present today. This is something that other similar operating systems do not offer. In Xbox Gaming Pass, there are features that grant a substantial enhancement of the gaming experience. For this reason alone, it is a good reason to upgrade to Windows 11


Having HDR in a game is something differentiating, although not all of them are compatible. Windows 11 does support it, as it took Xbox’s Auto HDR technology and applied it to all DirectX 11 games (the newest ones) running on the operating system.

So Windows 11 supports HDR video streaming out of the box and allows you to use an automatic HDR option. After that, other circumstances must be met to be able to really enjoy it, such as game and screen compatibility.


Windows 11 offers a much improved level of security compared to other versions. Especially because of three features that make it special in this regard.

  • Kernel isolation: security based on virtualization, protecting the computer against malicious code.
  • Trusted Platform Module (TPM): it is a prerequisite for installing Windows 11 to have the TPM 2.0 module in the security processor, thanks to which maximum cryptographic protection is achieved.
  • Secure boot: Secure boot is enabled by default.

Obviously, Windows 11 will be the first to receive major updates and security fixes, so you should always have it up to date. With all that we have just told you, you have more than enough reasons to upgrade to Windows 11.

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