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Bluetooth 5.0 – Faster and Better

We all have heard the name of Bluetooth, right? It’s a very slow data sharing media that can connect two different devices and share data at a VERY SLOW rate. In today’s world, Wi-Fi is the most dominant file sharing method. Bluetooth is always there in case we need it! However, the definition of Bluetooth is about to change, thanks to the latest version of Bluetooth – Bluetooth 5.0.

It’s the latest version for Bluetooth wireless communication standard. Generally, the usage platforms of Bluetooth are headphones, wireless devices like mice, keyboard, controllers etc. In the present age of IoT (Internet of Things), Bluetooth is also a communication media between devices.

Now, take a note that the full benefit of Bluetooth 5.0 will come with the compatible hardware only. For example, your phone supports Bluetooth 5.0 and your friends’ devices doesn’t. So, the maximum performance of Bluetooth sharing will be capped by your friends’ devices. Bluetooth 5.0 is designed so that it’s compatible with older versions.


New version means new benefits and features. Here are some of the main features of Bluetooth 5.0.

  • Lower energy consumption – Bluetooth is always a power hungry tool to use. With v4.0, it’s designed to consume less energy, thus less battery drain on devices. However, Bluetooth Low Energy design put some serious issues in the usage. For example, headphones couldn’t catch frequencies of lower energy, thus relied on the classic, power-hungry version. With v5.0, all the devices are able to work on the Low Energy restriction.
  • Dual audio – Bluetooth 5.0 brings a nice feature. Using this method, you can simultaneously play audio on 2 headphones at the same time!

    This feature was originally introduced to the market by Samsung’s Galaxy S8. Fortunately, Bluetooth 5.0 makes this available for everyone. It’s no more a Galaxy S8 exclusive feature, folks!
  • Speed and distance coverage – It’s one of the major issues while using Bluetooth. The data transfer speed was always so slow and the area coverage was short. The latest version moves the boundaries to the furthest, meaning faster speed and greater area coverage than traditional Bluetooth.

    For comparison with previous editions, the newest system has 4x range, 2x the speed and 8x broadcasting message capacity than older versions. These improvements follow the Bluetooth Low Energy method, ensuring less power consumption at the same time. Data transfer speed with v5.0 goes up to 2Mbps and distance support is ~240m. Take a note that if there’s an obstacle in the path, the speed will decrease equally.

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In order to take the most out of Bluetooth 5.0, the devices have to have the proper peripherals. The latest smartphones like iPhone X, iPhone 8, Galaxy S8 etc. already support this standard. Future Android and other smartphones are promised to support this standard. Hopefully, we’ll see the newer standard more often with the release of newer devices and gadgets. Who knows, Bluetooth might be at the peak of file sharing!

Along with Bluetooth 5.0, the Wi-Fi is also getting a newer standard – WPA3. Learn more about WPA3.

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