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Best websites to create secure passwords.

Hello! You have often heard how important it is to change your passwords regularly. Not only that, but you also have to be careful not to repeat the same one on several sites at the same time. Moreover, it is highly recommended that they have nothing to do with your personal life. That is to say, no birthdays or anniversaries. The truth is that, contrary to these recommendations, many users still choose to use weak passwords. Additionally, they are straightforward for hackers to guess. Many times passwords are based on simple combinations, repetitions of one digit or simple words. The worst thing is that they end up being victims of most cybersecurity attacks. Now, it can be hard to have to think of so many passwords, and try not to forget them. Fortunately, today, we will know the Best websites to create secure passwords.


Another option to generate passwords without too many complications and in a matter of seconds. Random.org allows us to choose the number of passwords we want to create. In addition to the number of characters that each one should have. Just click on the Get Passwords button to get a list of generated passwords. Easy and fast.


As with Google Chrome, the DuckDuckGo browser also allows you to create passwords for your user accounts. However, with this feature, DuckDuckGo takes the concept of simplicity to another level. That is, it does it in an elementary way. Just type the word password in the search bar and the browser will generate a random password. On the other hand, this function is not limited to the browser. In fact, we can test it directly from the searcher itself.

Norton Identity Safe

The same creators of the famous antivirus also bring Norton Identity Safe. This is an online password generator with the usual customization options. They also offer downloadable software that can save your passwords for future reference in their special Identity Safe program.


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This tool is interesting because, in addition to the usual customization parameters, it includes the HEX. Recall that it uses alphanumeric values 0-9 and/or A-F, i.e. hexadecimal code. Once you have chosen the length and type of password, Safepasswd will indicate the security level of the password.


We close with this tool, whose charm is based on the most extreme minimalism. Don’t waste any more time customizing your secret password. With Passwds.ninja you will get to the point. In fact, as soon as you enter the website, you will have at your disposal 10 different passwords that you can use comfortably. If you don’t like any of them? Don’t worry because you can generate another ten at the push of a button.

All passwords maintain the same format, capital letter at the beginning and two digits at the end. Therefore, they comply with the requirements of any account creation form.

Perfect Passwords

This website uses an interesting algorithm that will create a new password every time you reload. There are three different boxes for you to choose the password you like best. Specifically, you can distinguish:

  • Hexadecimal password of 64 characters (from 0 to 9 and from A to F).
  • ASCII password of 63 characters (with all kinds of symbols).
  • Alphanumeric: 63 characters, including uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers from 0 to 9.

1Password Strong Password Generator

1Password is known by everyone as one of the most secure vaults that exists to collect information about all logins. In this case, it comes with a generator that allows you to do the opposite. That is, to be able to generate random or easy to remember passwords. It also allows you to choose the length and also if you want to integrate numbers or symbols.

Strong Password Generator

Strong Password allows you to generate custom passwords. You can also choose whether you want to enter letters, numbers or symbols, as well as the length of the password. But what is truly interested in this sense is that you can jointly generate a QR code. This way, the camera of your device can recognize the password and enter it in the different forms.


This password generator stands out for being open source and under the FreeBSD license. Its graphical interface is certainly not very attractive. However, it is very customizable. It has numerous functions to choose how you want the password to be, being able to generate several passwords simultaneously.


This is a website from which we can generate and save secure passwords for free. But it also offers an app that we can download to use it on the mobile. The interface is very friendly, nothing complicated when using it. The first thing we will see is a password generated by default. Then below the text, we will be able to see options for the generated password to adapt it to the needs of the site for which we are going to use it. In fact, we can choose the length or decide if we want it to have symbols and numbers in addition. We can get the free version which allows:

  • Store up to 50 passwords.
  • Security alerts when any of the stored accounts is affected by a data breach.
  • Password analysis showing details of weak, reused or compromised passwords.
  • Auto-completion of forms and payment data.


Roboform is one of the most secure password managers. In addition to creating and saving your passwords, it has a master password that is used for access every time you log into your browser. This ensures that no unauthorized person can see the passwords stored in Roboform. Every time you generate a new password or change an existing one, Roboform asks if you want to save it and gives you the possibility to edit it before saving. Roboform is straightforward to use and integrates seamlessly with all browsers. It is cross-platform, offering free version and also paid options.

What you can get with the free version of Roboform:

  • Unlimited passwords.
  • Forms autofilling.
  • Password audit.
  • Password generator.

Very well, in this way we have seen the best websites to create secure passwords. Bye!

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