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How to manage secure passwords in Windows

Hello! Having a good password is vital to protect our accounts. Consequently, we avoid access to our devices and possible problems. Indeed, a strong password is the main wall of containment. However, sometimes we are not able to generate strong passwords. So today we will learn how to manage secure passwords in Windows. We will also learn how to generate secure passwords.

Why use a password manager?

Its main function is to manage and store passwords securely. In addition, some of them allow you to generate secure passwords. This is a very positive thing. Since the passwords have all the security parameters. Consequently we avoid possible human errors. Indeed, errors can occur when creating passwords manually. Chances are that we will choose something easy to remember. Such as words or digits that are familiar to us. This often includes names or dates of birth. Consequently, we are faced with an insecure password. In such cases it is necessary to have a password manager. Since this tool generates passwords with all the security parameters.

How to manage secure passwords in Windows with Password Manager Lite

Well, for this purpose we will use Password Manager Lite. This is a simple, secure and free tool. So the first thing you have to do is to download it from its official website. In addition, there are two versions of the program. One executable and one portable. However, we recommend using the portable version. Please run the program as administrator.

How to store passwords.

When you open the program, the first thing you will see is the screen for adding passwords. Accordingly, you have to add the corresponding web page, the e-mail address and finally the password. Therefore, we will know where we are going to use that password. It is a simple process to do. When you are done, just click on add. Also, you have to repeat the process with all the passwords.

Managing secure passwords in Windows
Managing secure passwords in Windows

Access password

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Simply access the list where they appear and copy it. With this in mind, just click on the icon next to the password. This action will copy it to the clipboard. It is also possible to copy the email and username. In this way, it is possible to log in at the corresponding URL.

How to generate secure keys

A very interesting aspect is the ability to generate a secure password. This element allows us to protect our accounts. In addition to being a reliable barrier that prevents access to any intruder. With this in mind, just add a new site. Then click on options. Finally select Generate password.

A new window will open immediately. Once there, you can edit different parameters. For example, the number of characters, upper and lower case, numbers and other special symbols. It is highly recommended to check all the boxes to generate a password that is difficult to crack. When you are ready, just click on Generate password.

Generating a secure password in Windows 10
Generating a secure password in Windows 10

Okay, so we have learned how to manage secure passwords in Windows. This is one aspect of security that you should take good care of. A weak password can compromise your accounts. See you soon!

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