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Best programs to edit hexadecimal code.

Hello! Hex editors allow you to open any type of file. Moreover, they do this regardless of their content. However, they are mainly used to edit binary files to access their information. Additionally, they allow you to edit, copy and even delete it. There are certainly several options available. Therefore, today, we will learn about the best programs to edit hexadecimal code.

Hexadecimal codes. How do they work?

Editing the hexadecimal code of a file was originally intended for editing certain values. Mainly to modify the operation of an application. Certainly, today this is still its main use. However, they are also widely used to modify game save files to modify their operation. Hexadecimal codes are a physical representation of files. Computers store files in binary format. That is, a series of bytes that have a value ranging from 0 to 255. Each byte is assigned a specific address starting with 0.

Hexadecimal file editors show us the binary code of a file sorted into three columns. These are offset values, hexadecimal code display and character values. With hexadecimal editor, we can edit, copy, paste, and even print and save the modifications. Hexadecimal files are stored in text or binary format. If the file is in text format, we can use the Notepad application. Remember that it comes in all versions of Windows.

However, the problem arises if the file is in binary format. In fact, Windows does not natively offer any application to access and edit its content. If you want to know which are the best applications and websites to open and edit hexadecimal code, we invite you to read on.

Programs to access the hexadecimal code

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These applications allow easy access to the hexadecimal code of a file.

HxD Hex Editor

One of the most well-known, veteran and widely used applications for editing hexadecimal code is HxD Hex Editor. This application stands out for being one of the simplest and most basic to use. It has the basic functions necessary to edit this type of code without pretensions.

With HxD Hex Editor, we can cut, copy and paste code. In addition to compare different files, add code, search and replace code. Besides being ideal for editing hexadecimal code, we can also use it to edit decimal and octal code. This application is available in two versions. The number is compatible from Windows XP onwards. On the other hand, the version number is compatible with Windows 95, Windows 97, Windows ME, Windows NT 4, Windows and Windows 2000. However, this version can also be used on Windows XP onwards, although it has fewer functions.


BitEdit9 is an interesting and completely free alternative for editing hexadecimal files. It also supports decimal, binary and octal files. It also allows you to edit these types of files. Therefore, it is the perfect application if you also work with this type of files. It is compatible from Windows 2000 onwards. It also works flawlessly on Windows 10 and Windows 11.


We are talking about a multiplatform and completely free hexadecimal file editor. This application is available for Windows, Linux, and macOS. Through it, we can edit any hexadecimal file in an elementary way, as long as we know what we are doing.

It allows you to edit multiple files for editing and comparison. In addition to performing complex searches of code strings or text. It also includes different types of visualization. The download of this application is completely free. Certainly, it has not been updated for a few years. However, it works in practically all Windows versions from Windows 2000 onwards.


Another open-source application available for editing hexadecimal files is WinVi. This is an application that not only allows us to see the inside of these files, but we can also edit them. It also supports ASCII, DOS, EBCDIC, UTF-8 and UTF-16 files. So, it allows us to reduce the number of editing applications.

It includes a powerful search function that allows us to search for specific strings. We can then edit them and replace them with whole strings. It also allows you to merge two or more files into one. It is compatible from Windows 2000 up to Windows 11. Although the application has not been updated for more than a decade.

Catch22 HexEdit

The main feature of Catch22 is the ability to edit files up to 16 Exabytes. Let’s remember that this is the maximum file size limit in NTFS partitions. Moreover, it is a completely free editor. Consequently, it is ideal for users who need to edit large hexadecimal files. It includes hexadecimal, octal, decimal and binary editor. Allows to edit several files together, perform search. Additionally, we can replace text and print the code. It is compatible from Windows 2000 onwards.

Free Hex Editor Neo

An interesting hex editor to consider is Free Hex Editor. This is an editor available in several versions. This includes a free one, and it is described as one of the fastest on the market. Through this application, we can write, cut, copy, paste, fill, delete, insert, import, and export code. In addition to other more advanced functions.

It allows modifying the binary code using the clipboard. It also includes the undo function, stores a history with the changes. Furthermore, it also allows performing searches by several words and codes, being ideal for analyzing large files. The maximum file size it is capable of opening is 1 TB. Certainly, an unlikely scenario.

The application is available for download through its web page by clicking on the following link. In addition to the free version, we can also find the Standard, Professional and Ultimate version. Obviously, all of them have to be paid. Very well, in this way we have seen the best programs to edit hexadecimal code. Bye!

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