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Top 10 Android Games in 2018

Around 80 percent of the total smartphones sales last year came with Android OS. And, there are more than 600,000 apps and games available on Google Play Store. Due to this immense popularity, Android apps and game development companies are also growing faster. Thus new games are coming in every day. Though most of these games aren’t free or contains in-app purchases, yet it can be a lot of fun with little patience. To make thing easier, here is our best choice for top 10 Android games:

  • Nova Legacy:

The initial release year of Nova Legacy was 2017. The reason behind mentioning this game on top of the list is: it is one of the most successful and best first-person shooters game on Android. Nova Legacy is offered by Gameloft and has more than 700,000 votes with an average of 4.5 reviews on Play Store. It also has an epic sci-fi offline story mode and online multiplayer capability. As a free game, Nova Legacy has better graphics and control than most of the FPS game out there.
Download Nova Legacy for free from Google Play and enjoy the furious gameplay.

  • Just Dance Now:

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Just Dance Now is the best family and group game and that’s why it’s on our list of top 10 Android games. Games aren’t fun while playing alone, and that’s where comes Just Dance Now. It’s a game to play and dance with family and friends. These game feature more than 200 titles including “Jailhouse Rock” by Elvis Presley and “Hungarian Dance No. 5” by Johannes Brahms.

Get it on Google Play and start the party!

  • Real Racing 3:

Oldest yet remains as one of the best racing game available on Google Play Store. Real Racing is a free-to-play racing game that gives the users real-life experiences in gaming. It has multiple game modes including standard races, time trials, and time-based multiplayer mode.

Get Real Racing 3 on Google Play.

  • Modern Combat Versus:

Modern Combat versus is another free to play first person shooters game. Released in the last of 2017, and overgrowing excellent FPS game in 2018. MC Versus has multiplayer team versus team feature, so you can team up with friends or play online with other players

Download Modern Combat Versus from Google Play.

  • Bridge Constructor Portal:

Bridge Constructions Portal is a combination of puzzle building of Bridge Constructor with the quirky characters and environments. However, there are dangers and obstacles everywhere to overcome during the construction process what made the game more addictive.

Get it on Google Play.

  • Gunstar Hero:

SEGA has the reputation for developing successful 8-bit games. To continue that, they introduced Gunstar Hero, a freemium action game. Gunstar Hero has multiple levels, different bosses to fight and local multiplayer via Wi-Fi network. We have Gunstar Hero on our list of top 10 Android games because it has the awesome 8-bit graphics and most of the people love playing retro shooter games.

Download and enjoy retro shooter Gunstar Hero.

  • Geometry Dash subZero:

If you already played Geometry Dash, then Geometry Dash subZero is the latest release of that franchise. In addition to Geometry Dash, it has some new rhythms and platformer mechanism with whole new levels, soundtrack and practice mode. Geometry Dash subZero is one of the best free games right now on Google Play Store.

Get it on Google Play.

  • Portal Knights:

Portal Knights is a live action role-playing game (RPG). It has different gameplay including traveling to the randomly generated world, various weapons, combat, and crafting.

Download Portal Knights from Google Play and enjoy an epic space combat.

  • Rusty Lake Paradise:

Rusty Lake Paradise is the best adventure game and the 3rd game of Rusty Lake series. This game revolves around an island and a mother’s memory. It also features easy to play mechanism and narrative-driven gameplay.

Get Rusty Lake Paradise from Google Play.

  • JellyNauts:

JellyNauts is a hack-n-slash action game. You can team up with 4 people and play as a 5vs5 mode. JellyNauts is still in beta release. Subscribe now and don’t miss to play the full version of this game. It’s an awesome action-strategy game you don’t want to miss.

These are the top 10 android games. Hope you will enjoy every one of those games. If we missed any latest release of awesome games, not forget to let us know. And, keep playing games and exploring the Play Store!

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