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Best applications to download from the Microsoft Store

In this article, I’m going to show you which are the best apps from the Microsoft Store that you can download today. The official Windows Store has some important advantages. For example, it allows you to get automatic updates without having to re-download the executable of the programs. Additionally, its applications can be restored without being completely uninstalled. In view of these benefits, here I explain which are the Microsoft Store applications that you should try. In each of the sections you will find a brief explanation. Additionally, I give you the download link. Stay until the end and discover the most interesting programs for your PC.

The most recommended applications from the Microsoft Store

Let’s see what is the list of the most recommended Microsoft Store applications. We are talking about a store that has improved in design and quality in recent years. Click on the link in each section to go to the download.


WhatsApp is one of the applications you can’t miss on your computer. Meta, its parent company, has made the effort to adapt this application to the design guidelines of Windows 11. It is now a native application and not simply a web solution to connect with your friends and family.


Spotify is a well-known platform that gives you access to millions of streaming songs. Download its official client directly from the Microsoft Store and get updates automatically.

Tik Tok

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TikTok has an official application for Windows 11. We don’t mean the one you get when you install the Android app for Windows. In fact, we are talking about an exclusive development. This is another app from the Microsoft Store.


PowerToys is a toolkit that adds advanced functionality to Windows. Using it on a regular basis, it adds interesting features to the operating system. However, by downloading from the store, it widens the range of possibilities.


Ubuntu is one of the most fascinating Linux distributions. Now you can download it directly from the Microsoft Store. Therefore, you will be able to use it inside Windows through a virtual machine called Windows Subsystem for Linux.

OBS Studio

Lovers of live-streaming and Twitch broadcasting know that OBS Studio is one of the best applications for producing content. It is an open source tool with all the tools to help you broadcast from your PC.

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is one of the few browsers that still stands up to the dominance of Chrome and the other Chromium browsers. It is also available in the Microsoft Store for free.


KeePassXC is a client for Windows that allows you to access your passwords stored in this open source system. It is completely free to download.

Spark Mail

Spark Mail is an innovative email application developed for Windows. It is available in the Microsoft Store for free. In addition, it has an intuitive interface and advanced features. Indeed, this application simplifies the management of your emails. In fact, it allows you to organize, answer and classify your messages efficiently.

Prime Video

Enjoy your favorite movies and series on Prime Video for Windows, an application designed to access this platform. Access an extensive catalog of content, including original productions and popular movies and series, all available on the Microsoft Store for free. Obviously, you need an active subscription.


Zoom is one of the leading communication and videoconferencing tools on the market. Plus, you can enjoy its versatility on Windows. The Zoom application is available for free in the Microsoft Store. With it you can connect with co-workers, friends and family in virtual meetings and videoconferences.


Access global knowledge with the Wikipedia app for Windows. This online encyclopedia, which covers a wide range of topics. You may not know that it is now available in the Microsoft Store for free.


Let’s talk now about VLC for Windows. This open source application is one of the most popular and versatile applications available in the Microsoft Store for free. It enjoys support for a wide variety of audio and video formats. Moreover, VLC allows you to enjoy your multimedia content smoothly and with exceptional quality.

File App

Files App is an alternative file explorer, with which you will enjoy a modern interface adapted to Microsoft’s criteria for Windows 11. It has support for cloud storage units. In addition to tabs for navigation and well-designed context menus. Undoubtedly, it is a highly recommended application.


EarTrumpet offers you a complete audio management on your PC. Thanks to its mixer, you’ll be able to determine the volume of each of the sounds on your computer. It is a free application with integrated purchases.

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