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A universal Linux app store? Try App Outlet

Until not so long ago, installing applications on one of the Linux distributions was not so easy. Now, thanks to the new graphical interfaces, this is becoming easier and easier. Even the concept of shops has been born, which in Linux have also been implemented. So hot I will introduce you to App Oulet a universal application store for Linux.

The philosophy that reigns in Linux is that of open source that allows many variations to a program adapting it to many circumstances. This creates a bit of fragmentation and splits some efforts. However, thanks to this many interesting projects with valuable contributions arise. This is the case of App Outlet.

App Outlet is a universal application store for Linux. What do you mean by universal? It’s because Flatpak, Snap, and AppImage are integrated into it. That is to say, it is an application store that works in almost all the distributions that there are. Of course, App Outlet is open source and its source code is available on Github.

A wonderful linux app store (https://github.com/app-outlet/)
A wonderful linux app store (https://github.com/app-outlet/)

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To explain the usefulness of App Oulet looks at this. If you’re looking for Flatpak applications, you go to Flathub; if you want to know about snap applications, you’ll probably go to snapcraft; and in the case of Appimage, you might go to AppImagehub. All are very valid options, but isn’t it better to have them all in one place? I think so. This is what App Outlet brings to us.

Thanks to this application, it will be very easy to find and install applications with this technology. Remember that although many people prefer the terminal, it is also true that novices prefer to avoid it. So, now Linux is easier and easier to use.

Install App Oulet on Linux

This Linxu application store can be installed on most Linux distributions. It has several formats and ways of installation for different tastes.

Firstly, for distributions like Debian, Ubuntu and Linux Mint, a DEB package is available.

To install it, open a terminal and run it:

:~$ wget -c https://github.com/app-outlet/app-outlet/releases/download/v1.3.2/app-outlet_1.3.2_amd64.deb

And install it with:

:~$ sudo dpkg -i app-outlet_1.3.2_amd64.deb

Also, if you want to have it as a universal portable application, you can also download it in AppImage format. Download it and assign execution permissions:

:~$ wget -c https://github.com/app-outlet/app-outlet/releases/download/v1.3.2/App.Outlet-1.3.2.AppImage
:~$ chmod +x App.Outlet-1.3.2.AppImage

And run it by double-clicking on the file with your file browser.

Finally, if you do not like any of these options, you can compile the source code yourself. Whose instructions leave us on the Github website.

In any case, as you see there are different options to have it installed.

So, enjoy it.

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