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Run RAM Diagnostic Tool in Windows 10

RAM memory is a vital hardware component in an operating system. This RAM has the function of storing the data or files that we use frequently. As a result, data is accessed much more quickly at the next opportunity. Currently, there are different types of RAM, which offer high speeds of administration and computer performance. However, these modules can be faulty. This causes system freezing, application blocking, system rebooting, etc. However, Windows 10 incorporates its own tool capable of detecting errors in RAM. This tool offers 3 levels of testing: Basic, Standard, and Extended. The standard test is applied by default. In fact, this level is sufficient to detect most RAM errors. However, when you run the utility and press F1 you enter the utility options. Once there, another test level can be selected. Well, today we’ll see how to run the RAM diagnostic tool in Windows 10.

How to run the RAM diagnostic tool in Windows 10

As mentioned above, the standard test is run by default. This test takes approximately 30 minutes to run. Well, to start the process please press the Win+R combination. Once inside the run box, please type mdsched.exe

Run mdsched.exe command
Run mdsched.exe command

Immediately a window will be displayed where you have to restart the computer to check for problems.

Reboot the computer to check the RAM memory.
Reboot the computer to check the RAM memory.

Please wait a few moments while the computer restarts. Then the tool will begin its work.

RAM diagnostic tool running.
RAM diagnostic tool running.
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To enter the options, please press F1. There you can move between the different types of tests.

Tool options.
Tool options.

Once the tool is finished, it will show the possible errors. If not, the system will reboot as usual.


At the end of the day, we have seen how to run the ram diagnostic tool in Windows 10. This application is very useful to determine possible failures in this hardware. Besides, it is a Windows application so you don’t have to download anything else. All right, this is all for now, before I say goodbye I invite you to see our post about sharing internet from Android to a PC. Bye!


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