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All Windows 11 folder options

Hello! In this post, we will show you all the folder options that are in Windows 11. Thanks to these folder options, we will be able to personalize even more Windows 11. If you are interested in changing all the folder options in Microsoft’s latest operating system, then this post is for you.

What are the folder options in the Windows 11 operating system?

Folder options are settings that we can make when interacting with the Windows 11 file explorer. Additionally, they allow us to configure different options for all our folders. Some of these configurations are: hidden files, how we will click, privacy, folder views, locations, among other configurations.

However, before delving into the folder options, it is necessary to define a fundamental element. We are talking about the Windows 11 file explorer. In fact, it is an element that is linked to the folder options.

What is Windows 11 file explorer?

Windows 11 Explorer is the place where we can access a large part of our computer. In fact, it displays search engines, folders and other options that facilitate the search for applications, programs, or files. Windows 11 facilitates access to this element of your system. In fact, its use is so frequent, that the corresponding icon is pinned to the taskbar by default. Consequently, you just need to click on the folder-shaped icon to access it. You can also search for it from the start menu. Alternatively, you can also press the Win+E combination.

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Once inside the Windows 11 file explorer, there are different classifications. In the window, at the top we find the toolbar. Just below the toolbar we find the browsing history and the quick access browser. We also find an option called Folders. In this option we will find all the main folders which are: Desktop, Downloads, Documents, Images, Music and Videos. Below folders, we find the files that we have used recently.

Windows 11 File Explorer
Windows 11 File Explorer

This is a simple explanation of what the Windows 11 file explorer is. We also saw how it works. Okay, now we will explain all the folder options in Windows 11.

Folder options in the Windows 11 operating system

The folder options help us to further customize our folders. With this intention, we must access to some specific options. Consequently, you have to access the file explorer. As mentioned above, just click on the folder icon in the taskbar. Once there, it is necessary to access the toolbar. With this in mind, please click on the 3 dots icon located in the upper-right corner. When doing so, a menu will be displayed and the last option is called Options. We enter by clicking on this last one.

A small window will immediately pop up. This window allows you to introduce changes to the folders. Additionally, there are three tabs: General, View and Search. We will go through them one by one.

General folder options in Windows 11

In this tab, there are different options. First, we see Open File Explorer to. This option allows us to choose where we want to open the file explorer, whether in Quick Access or in This PC in a drop-down menu that is next to it. Below the option that we have just seen, we have a Browse folders option. This option allows us to open all the folders in a single window or, on the contrary, if we want the folders to open in different windows.

Continuing with the other options, below is an option called Click items as follows. This option allows us to make changes in the way we open the folders. If only with a mouse click on the folder it opens, or by double-clicking to open it. The last option is the privacy options. With these settings, we can enable or disable the display of recently used files in the shortcut. In the same way also, it serves to activate or deactivate the folders used more frequently in the shortcut.

Within the privacy options, we also find the option to delete the entire file explorer history on our computer. In case you have made changes and want to revert them, you can click on Restore Default. That is to say, leave everything as it was at the beginning. Additionally, after you have completed the changes, you can click on OK to set the changes.

View folder options in Windows 11

The next tab corresponds to the View settings. From there, we can change the folder views or advanced settings. In the folder views it is possible to include details or icons to all folders. To achieve this, on the left side it shows a folder as an example. Additionally, you can also apply these changes to all folders or reset it.

Scrolling down to the bottom, there are the advanced view settings. Accordingly, we can activate or deactivate functions. Let’s take a look at some of them:

  • Open folder windows independently
  • Type automatically
  • Select in the search box or in the show status bar
  • Show other colors for NTFS files
  • Display preview drivers
  • Show description
  • Show file icon
  • View size information
  • Show full path
  • Show drive letters
  • Display provider notifications
  • view menus
  • Hide files that are protected
  • Hide folder merge conflicts
  • show icons.
  • Hide file extensions.
  • Hide empty drives.

Other options include being able to reduce spacing between items, restore folder windows on login, use the sharing wizard and use the checkboxes to select items. Below these settings, there are the ones corresponding to the Navigation Panel. From there, you can configure options such as:

  • Show libraries
  • Expand to open folder
  • Show this PC
  • Show network
  • Always show availability status
  • Show all folders

In the same way, we have a button for Restore Default.

Search folder options in Windows 11

The last tab corresponds to the Search settings. The first option corresponds to the type of search. That is, a, we can not use the index when searching for system files in archive folders. If so, the search may take longer. There are also other settings we can make when searching in non-indexed locations. For example, include system directories, compressed files or always search on file names and file contents.

In this way we have explored all the folder options of Windows 11. As you could see, it is another way to customize more the aspect of the system. Besides knowing more about how the system works. Bye!

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