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How to schedule automatic shutdown in Windows 11

We are going to explain how to schedule the automatic shutdown in Windows 11. As a result, you will be able to set a specific time at which the computer will turn itself off. Actually, Windows 11 does not have a native option to schedule this. Therefore, we will have to resort to a tool that serves to schedule different types of tasks. There, we will schedule the execution of the operating system shutdown schedule. In addition, flexible programming is available. So, you can do it every day, every few days, or for weeks or months. It is even possible to choose any specific time to do it, either in the early morning or at any other time of the day. The scheduling process can be a bit complex. But don’t worry, we will give you a complete guide to do it.

Scheduled automatic shutdown in Windows 11

As indicated, there is no specific tool for this task. However, Windows has options to solve it. The first thing you have to do is to open the Start menu. Then, enter the term Task Scheduler and open the application. This tool is designed to create automatism in Windows.

Opening Windows 11 Task Scheduler
Opening Windows 11 Task Scheduler

As a result, the app will open. Once there, you will see many options. However, what you have to do is to click on the Create basic task option. This tool allows programming a simple process in Windows 11. This way we will schedule the shutdown in Windows 11.

First steps to schedule shutdown in Windows 11
First steps to schedule shutdown in Windows 11

Starting the process.

Consequently, a window with the steps to start the process will be displayed. You only have to go forward by clicking the Next button upon completion. In the first step, you have to give a name and a description for the task you are going to create. For this example, we can assign a related name, such as Automatic shutdown. This way, it is easier to find it in the task list later.

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In the next window, you have to choose the periodicity of the task. That is, when you want the automatic shutdown to be repeated. If you want the automatic shutdown to run every day, then you have to select the Daily option. But you can also decide to switch it off only once, once a week or once a month.

In the next step, let’s choose the time you want the computer to shut down automatically. Additionally, we will be able to pick the date, and how many days you want the restart action to be repeated. Note that if you set 1, then it will shut down the computer every day at that time.

Now it is time to select the specific action. That is, we will choose what we want the computer to do at the programmed time. In this screen, you must select the Start program option. This is so because the Windows shutdown is considered as a program by the operating system. Consequently, select this option and press Next.

Opening windows file explorer

From here begins the most complex process. However, it is also the most important step. In effect, you will have to choose the program you want to run. It will therefore be the Windows shutdown program. To begin, click on the Browse button to open Windows Explorer. From there you have to locate the program.

This action will display the file explorer. Please navigate to the address C:Windows System32. For convenience, you can copy and paste in the top bar of the file explorer. Once you are inside, double-click on the shutdown.exe application to select it. Note that it can be displayed without the .exe extension.

Next, we will come to the last step. At this stage, we will see a summary of the entire configuration. It is time to check that everything is in order. However, you can go back and modify any aspect if you wish. If everything is in order, you can click Finish to confirm the automatic shutdown. From now on, every day at the time you have set, the computer will shut down automatically.

At the end of the day, we have seen how to schedule the automatic shutdown in Windows 11. In addition to being practical, it serves to save energy and preserve the health of the hardware. See you later!

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