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3 Applications to download torrents in Linux

Downloads by torrent help not to collapse servers, especially when the files to download are too large. On the other hand, many people who do not have good connections to the internet, notice that torrent downloads are more stable than others. A great example of this is the Linux distributions that are distributed by Torrent, being this method the recommended one, I repeat, not to saturate the own servers. To download Torrents in Linux, there are several programs, today I will show you 3 of them.

Let us start with the basics, what is a torrent file? A file with a .torrent extension contains the information or metadata from where the file is going to be downloaded. So, It is useful to download larges files.

The download protocol with P2P. That is to say the interconnection of computers. It does not require a central server but is shared throughout the network by the same users. In short, while downloading you also help others to download the same file.

So, let us start.

These applications help you to download torrents in Linux

1.- Transmission GTK

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The first of this short list is Transmission. This application is installed by default on Ubuntu and Linux Mint, so it is quite popular and used on Linux.

1.- Transmission GTK
1.- Transmission GTK

Its main advantage is the versatility of the application. This is because it has an interface in GTK, and in QT. However, it also has a version for the terminal and accessible through the web, ideal for small servers. All this without sacrificing system resources.

Needless to say, it is open source and it’s totally free. So it is the first recommended option.

Transmission is available in the official repositories of most popular Linux distributions. All you have to do is open your software manager, search for it and install it.

2. qBittorrent

For those who prefer a neatly written QT application, there is qBittorrent. This fantastic application stands out for being quite complete in functionalities but that at no time making the program slow or heavy.

2.- qBittorrent
2.- qBittorrent

Some of its main features are that it is available for most platforms. For example, Linux, Mac OS, and Windows. It is also open source and has a web interface optimized with AJAX.

On the other hand, you can manage the bandwidth used as well as create new torrents in a quite simple way.

You can install it using the official repositories in your distribution.

3. Deluge

Deluge is an application with a GTK interface that stands out for being quite light and its low consumption of resources. However, it has support for many plugins that extend its functionality.

3.- With Deluge you can download torrents in Linux
3.- With Deluge you can download torrents in Linux

Like the other two options mentioned above, Deluge is a free and open source, which guarantees that you will be able to use it without any problem. It is also good to say that Deluge is available on Linux thanks to the official repositories of popular distributions such as Debian, Ubuntu, OpenSUSE, and Fedora.

A legal question

Sharing files by torrent is a great way to decentralize servers. However, many people use it for unethical purposes such as piracy. Please use these applications only for legal and exploitative purposes, such as downloading ISO images from Linux distributions.


As you can see there are pretty good alternatives to download torrents on Linux. That’s why we leave it up to you to choose the most suitable option for you.

Do you know another application to download torrents on Linux? Let us know in the comments.

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