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Speed up Steam Downloads

Whenever you think of getting a game, the first market that comes to mind is Steam, at least for the most of the gamers in today’s world. Steam is one of the most successful platforms for game market that Valve Corporation maintains. Want to get the latest big shots like Shadow of the Tomb Raider, CS: GO or PUBG? Steam is the most popular choice.

The only annoying thing using Steam is the downloading of a game. Sometimes, it may feel like DECADES passing away while the game only downloaded 5% of it! Here are a few tips & tricks to speed things up.

Don’t forget to back up your Steam games!

1. Check the internet connection

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This is one of the main reasons why your download is going at a slow pace. If your connection is a good one but still facing performance issue, then try checking out the connection – the wiring, the ports etc.

If you’re using Wi-Fi or other wireless connection, make sure that the position of your PC and/or the modem is a proper place where it can get better signal coverage. In cases, restarting the device works like a charm. If the problem persists, then don’t forget to contact your network provider.

2. Clear Steam download cache

The download cache of the Steam client may become problematic time to time. If you’re facing network speed problem, try cleaning the cache.

For clearing the download cache, go to Steam client >> Settings.

From the left panel, select “Downloads”.

There, click the “CLEAR DOWNLOAD CACHE” button. Note that you’ll have to login into your Steam account again after clearing the cache.

3. Change server location

The location of the download server may also keep a dramatic effect on your download speed. For example, you’re living in Asia but your download server is North America, then due to the distance the data has to pass will drastically degrade the performance.

For changing the server location to your nearest, go to Steam client >> Settings >> “Downloads” from the left panel.

There, you’ll notice the available download regions. Select your nearest location for maximum performance.

Hopefully, your Steam is at its MAX performance. Cheers!

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