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6 simple settings to enhance Windows 10 security and privacy

It is well known that Windows has many system settings. In fact, there are so many that they can be overwhelming. Therefore, some users may not even finish configuring the system to their liking. Which can be a mistake. Since leaving everything by default, leaves the door open to the invasion of the user’s privacy. So, stay with us to see 6 simple settings to enhance Windows 10 security and privacy.

Enable Windows Update updates

Keeping your computer up to date is very important. Indeed, these updates not only bring new aspects to the operating system, but also bring many new features. Although they are not visible, these updates have an impact on the operation and security of the computer. For this reason, it is necessary to check the possible updates available in Windows Update. Since this improves the security of the equipment and can fix some problems. With this intention, follow the next path: Press the Win+I combination to enter Windows Settings. Next, go to Update and Security.

Going to Update & Security
Going to Update & Security

Then click on Check for updates

Please check for updates
Please check for updates

Finally, you just need to install the updates.

Performs a safety test.

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It is well known that Windows has its own security suite. Indeed, Windows Defender has options to practice security checks. You can do them to verify that no files are infected with viruses. In this case, we will use a quick scan that will take no more than two minutes. Let’s see how to do it. Follow the same path as in the previous section. But click on Windows Security.

Then click on Virus and Threat Protection.

Opens protection against viruses and threats
Opens protection against viruses and threats

Finally, click on Quick Scan

Disable personalized advertising

Microsoft usually offers relevant advertising to its users. To do so, it relies on the collection of personal data. However, many users are uncomfortable with this situation. Consequently, Microsoft will no longer offer you advertising based on your searches. To do so, just follow the steps below: Once again, press Win+I to go to Windows Settings. Once there, just click on Privacy.

Configuring Windows 10 privacy settings
Configuring Windows 10 privacy settings

You will see several security variables. Please disable the first one regarding apps accessing your advertising ID.

Disables application access to diagnostic data

Microsoft collects diagnostic data about the device, its configuration and its operation. It also collects other data about the websites you browse, device activity and the error reports it generates. The company of Redmond affirms that it does it to protect and to update Windows. Well, to limit this access, we will do the following. Please repeat the above steps, but when you reach Privacy, please scroll down to Diagnostics & Feedback. Once there, please check the first option in the Diagnostic Data section.

Disable activity history

Microsoft keeps track of the user’s activity history. This in order to be able to retrieve the information of what you were doing. In addition, this information can be stored locally or in the cloud. In addition, the data is made up of the websites you browse, the way you use applications and other aspects of your activity. It is certainly not advisable for Microsoft to know this personal information. So let’s see how to disable it. Once again follow the path Windows Settings>Privacy. But now click on Activity History. Once there, uncheck the box corresponding to Store my activity on this device.

Control application permissions

Like Android and iOS, Windows also provides a permissions’ management system. Which controls which of these the applications you install on your computer have access to. Consequently, there are totally logical permission requests, such as when Skype asks for access to the microphone. However, some others may be suspicious. It is therefore advisable to manage the permissions granted to apps correctly.

Finally, we have seen 6 simple settings to enhance Windows 10 security and privacy. In this way, we increase control over what we share with Microsoft. See you soon!

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