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Windows 10 Update KB4535996 is not available to everyone.

Problems with Windows 10 updates are common. This is the case with the update name KB4535996. This last one started causing problems. However, these are installation problems, not performance problems. Because many users find that it is not possible to install it on their computer.

The reason for this is that this is an optional update for users. This means that it has to be installed manually. This is exactly what is causing the problem for users looking to install it.

Problematic update Windows 10

When many users are looking to install this update on Windows 10, they encounter problems. This leads to generic messages. The latter says that it is not possible to proceed with the installation KB4535996 on the computer. In some cases, the first part of the installation has been completed. But when the computer is restarted to continue with the installation, it is completely canceled.

Some users find that the computer freezes or there are BDOS errors. The problems are different, but in all cases, it is impossible to install the update. This makes users uncomfortable.

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The update includes security-related changes only. It is also available through Windows Update, from Windows Server Update Services. It is also available as a direct download from the company’s Web site. For now, it seems best not to install it. Although experts believe your changes will be included in the March updates. Microsoft is also expected to resolve this issue with the update.

Clearly, Windows 10 updates cause discomfort for users. In conclusion, the operating system is again inconvenient with an update. We hope the company will act soon and release a patch. Or simply fix the update. In the meantime, you should be aware of this issue. Remember to go through our last post about security tools in Windows 10.

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